Introduced:  Release
Shopkeep Yudi ibn Zayrim
Non-Player Killer
Shopkeep Yudi ibn Zayrim Live.jpg
Race Male Gharu'ndim
Title Shopkeeper
Location 13.7N 0.7E in Zaikhal
Level 13
Strength 100
Endurance 120
Coordination 100
Quickness 110
Focus 50
Self 45
Health 140
Stamina 220
Mana 145



Pyreal Icon.png Pyreal



Item Price
Leather Basinet Icon.png Leather Basinet 261  
Leather Boots Icon.png Leather Boots 102  
Leather Bracers Icon.png Leather Bracers 45  
Leather Breastplate Icon.png Leather Breastplate 116  
Leather Cap Icon.png Leather Cap 45  
Leather Gauntlets Icon.png Leather Gauntlets 45  
Leather Girth Icon.png Leather Girth 73  
Leather Greaves Icon.png Leather Greaves 45  
Leather Tassets Icon.png Leather Tassets 45  
Leather Leggings Icon.png Leather Leggings 102  
Leather Pauldrons Icon.png Leather Pauldrons 45  
Buckler Icon.png Buckler 116  

Books, Paper

Item Price
Text Icon Book.png A Comprehensive Guide to Gearcrafting 73  
Text Icon Parchment.png Parchment 15  


Item Price
Pack (Blue) Icon.png Pack (Blue) 95  
Small Belt Pouch (Blue) Icon.png Small Belt Pouch (Blue) 95  
Pack (Red) Icon.png Pack (Red) 95  
Small Belt Pouch (Red) Icon.png Small Belt Pouch (Red) 95  


Item Price
Apple Icon.png Apple 11  
Water Icon.png Water 3  

Keys, Tools

Item Price
Plain Lockpick Icon.png Plain Lockpick 290  
Reliable Lockpick Icon.png Reliable Lockpick 580  
Good Lockpick Icon.png Good Lockpick 725  


Item Price
Torch Icon.png Torch 15  


Item Price
Club Icon.png Club 145  
Throwing Dart Icon.png Throwing Dart 290  
Kasrullah Icon.png Kasrullah 247  
Knife Icon.png Knife 44  
Nabut Icon.png Nabut 261  
Simi Icon.png Simi 232  
Tungi Icon.png Tungi 305  
Shortbow Icon.png Shortbow 290  
Light Crossbow Icon.png Light Crossbow 399  
Arrow Icon.png Arrow 363  
Yag Icon.png Yag 218  

Cooking Items

Item Price
Flour Icon.png Flour 5  
Frying Pan Icon.png Frying Pan 73  
Whittling Knife Icon.png Whittling Knife 35  
Empty Flask Icon.png Empty Flask 2  

Fletching Items

Item Price
Bundle of Arrowshafts Icon.png Bundle of Arrowshafts 8  
Bundle of Quarrelshafts Icon.png Bundle of Quarrelshafts 8  

Alchemical Items

Item Price
Minor Item Tinkering Armature Icon.png Minor Item Tinkering Armature 7,250 
Moderate Item Tinkering Armature Icon.png Moderate Item Tinkering Armature 14,500 
Sheet Metal Form Icon.png Sheet Metal Form 14,500  
Medal Mold Icon.png Medal Mold 14,500  
Handle Mold Icon.png Handle Mold 14,500  
Hammer Icon.png Hammer 1,450  
Leather Strap Icon.png Leather Strap 145  

Trade Notes

Item Price
Trade Note (100) Icon.png Trade Note (100) 115p 



Shopkeep Yudi ibn Zayrim tells you, "Another visitor! How may I help you today?"

Shopkeep Yudi ibn Zayrim tells you, "What may I interest you in?

Buying From

Shopkeep Yudi ibn Zayrim tells you, "A fine purchase."

Selling To

Shopkeep Yudi ibn Zayrim tells you, "You drive a hard bargain, but I'll take it."


Shopkeep Yudi ibn Zayrim tells you, "Thank you for your business."

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