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Introduced:  Release
Shopkeeper Renald the Elder
Non-Player Killer
Shopkeeper Renald the Elder Live
Race Male Aluvian
Title Shopkeeper
Location 42.1N, 33.8E in Holtburg
Level 5
Strength 20
Endurance 20
Coordination 60
Quickness 65
Focus 30
Self 20
Health 75
Stamina 110
Mana 30





Item Price
Leather Basinet Icon Leather Basinet 243  
Leather Cap Icon Leather Cap 41  
Leather Breastplate Icon Leather Breastplate 108  
Leather Pauldrons Icon Leather Pauldrons 41  
Leather Bracers Icon Leather Bracers 41  
Leather Gauntlets Icon Leather Gauntlets 41  
Leather Girth Icon Leather Girth 68  
Leather Tassets Icon Leather Tassets 41  
Leather Leggings Icon Leather Leggings 95  
Leather Greaves Icon Leather Greaves 41  
Leather Boots Icon Leather Boots 95  
Buckler Icon Buckler 108  

Books, Paper[]

Item Price
Parchment Icon Parchment 14  
A Comprehensive Guide to Gearcrafting Icon A Comprehensive Guide to Gearcrafting 68  
Tinkering (Text) Icon Tinkering (Text) 122  
On the Abilities of Salvaged Ivory Icon On the Abilities of Salvaged Ivory 122  
Carving Keys and Keyrings Icon Carving Keys and Keyrings 257  


Item Price
Cowl Icon Cowl 7  


Item Price
Pack (Green) Icon Pack (Green) 88  


Item Price
Apple Icon Apple 10  
Water Icon Water 3  

Keys, Tools[]

Item Price
Plain Lockpick Icon Plain Lockpick 270  
Reliable Lockpick Icon Reliable Lockpick 540 
Ust Icon Ust 14 


Item Price
Torch Icon Torch 14  
Intricate Carving Tool Icon Intricate Carving Tool 13,500  


Item Price
Club Icon Club 135  
Hand Axe Icon Hand Axe 176  
Short Sword Icon Short Sword 216  
Throwing Dart Icon Throwing Dart 270  
Knife Icon Knife 41  
Quarter Staff Icon Quarter Staff 176  
Spear (Weapon) Icon Spear (Weapon) 230  
Shortbow Icon Shortbow 270  
Light Crossbow Icon Light Crossbow 372  
Arrow Icon Arrow 338  
Quarrel Icon Quarrel 338  

Alchemical Items[]

Item Price
Minor Item Tinkering Armature Icon Minor Item Tinkering Armature 6,750 
Moderate Item Tinkering Armature Icon Moderate Item Tinkering Armature 13,500 
Sheet Metal Form Icon Sheet Metal Form 13,500  
Medal Mold Icon Medal Mold 13,500  
Handle Mold Icon Handle Mold 13,500  
Hammer Icon Hammer 1,350  
Leather Strap Icon Leather Strap 135  

Cooking Items[]

Item Price
Flour Icon Flour 4  
Baking Pan Icon Baking Pan 68  
Whittling Knife Icon Whittling Knife 34  
Heavy Grinder Icon Heavy Grinder 4,725  
Empty Flask Icon Empty Flask 2  

Fletching Items[]

Item Price
Bundle of Arrowshafts Icon Bundle of Arrowshafts 7  
Bundle of Quarrelshafts Icon Bundle of Quarrelshafts 7  



Shopkeeper Renald the Elder tells you, "Welcome! What's your pleasure today?"

Buying From

Shopkeeper Renald the Elder tells you, "An excellent purchase."

Selling To

Shopkeeper Renald the Elder tells you, "You drive a hard bargain, my friend."


Shopkeeper Renald the Elder tells you, "Thank you for your business. Please return soon."