Introduced:  Come What Follows Related Quests:  Nanjou Shou-jen Armor Updated:  Master of Arms
Shou-jen Shozoku Sleeve Gauntlets
Shou-jen Shozoku Sleeve Gauntlets Icon
Shou-jen Sleeve Gauntlets Live

Shou-jen Shozoku Sleeve Gauntlets


  • Part of the Shou-jen Set.
  • Master of Arms change: Wield requirement and Spells reflect the new Missile Weapons skill instead of the old Thrown Weapon skill.
  • Only item of that set which shows a palette ingame and therefore probably indicative for the other items of the set. The palette is the same as that for thananim-dyed Leather Armor
Original Palette for Shou-jen Shozoku Sleeve Gauntlets
ACID Name Sample Hex
5743 Thananim_Leat 212121
The sample is only an approach of how the item looks ingame.
See User:Sanddh/Guides/Armor Color Table for other available palettes.
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