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Shroud of Emotion
Level: 180
Type: Fellowship
Starts With: Rinne Gorber
Starts At: Encampment near Rynthid Infested Plains at 61.6S, 63.3W
Repeat: 20 Hours
Contracts: Contract for Spirited Halls


Investigate the Rynthid Infested Plains for evidence of strange emotional energy.

  • The dungeon for this quest is on the third set of platforms at the Rynthid Infested Plains. Getting to the dungeon is the most dangerous part of this quest.

Walkthrough & Notes

Part 1: Ascending the Platforms

  1. To begin this quest, speak with Rinne Gorber at 61.6S, 63.3W at the Encampment near Rynthid Infested Plains.
  2. To gain entrance to the quest dungeon, you will need to make your way up the floating platforms and through a series of dungeons on the Rynthid Infested Plains.
  3. To begin the climb, run to the access ramp located at 62.5S, 65.4W. At the third platform, perform a full power jump to the south. Then go west one platform, north two platforms, then west again to the Path of Torment portal at 62.1S, 65.8W.
  4. Inside, you will need to make you way to the Platforms of Torment portal at the end of the dungeon. The dungeon is filled with Rynthid Virindi and their helpers.
  5. Begin by going through the large room and heading west. Take the south tunnel, followed by going west at the next split. Head northeast through the next large room and exit this room through the east tunnel. From there, turn right and head south and follow the hall until you come to a room with the Platforms of Torment portal.
  6. Back outside on the platforms, head down the ramp and then left. Head up the ramp ahead and turn left up another ramp to the Path of Rage portal. The drop is safe.
  7. Inside the Path of Rage you will need to make your way to the end of the dungeon to the Platforms of Rage portal.
  8. Proceed south through the 1st large room, exiting to the east. Continue east to another large room where you will take the 1st exit on the left (heading east). Stay east again at the split, and follow the halls to the Platforms of Rage portal (Warning: unsafe drop point).
  9. Outside, quickly head south and into the Spirited Halls portal straight ahead!

Part 2: Collecting the Shrouds

  1. Next is a series of dungeons each leading to a mini boss. There are 4 dungeons and bosses total.
  2. The first dungeon is entirely linear. Make your way to the end where you will find a portal.
  3. Go through the portal to begin the first boss fight with the Apparition of Bloodlust. He is weak to cold and accompanied several Deadly Spirits which die easily but cast a fire ring spell on death. Beware of being fire vulned when killing them! When the Apparition dies, loot a Shroud of Bloodlust (drops 9), then exit through the portal that spawns.
    • Note: The Deadly Spirits will respawn if the fight lasts for a long time.
  4. The second dungeon is also linear. Whether you choose to go east or west at the path splits does not matter, just keep moving north through the dungeon until you come to another portal.
  5. Through the portal is the second boss fight with the Apparition of Apathy. He is weak to fire and has several Pillar of Frosts that spawn with him. Be sure to take out the pillars first as they can be dangerous. Kill him and loot a Shroud of Apathy then take the portal that spawns.
    • Note: If attempting the quest alone or with a small group, you can back up from the drop and move into one of the corners. From here, only 1 of the pillars can shoot spells at you. The boss will eventually come and attack you. Stay dispelled to avoid taking major cold damage from the spells.
  6. The third dungeon is not linear like the previous 2. Head west from the drop, take the path south, take the 2nd hallway going west, then head east to the portal.
  7. Beyond it is the third boss, the Apparition of Envy, who is weak to lightning. He spawns with several Acidic Tendrils. Beware of missile attacks and void magic during the fight. Kill the Apparition for a Shroud of Envy then take the portal that spawns.
  8. The fourth dungeon is entirely linear again. Towards the end of the dungeon, you reach 4 long rooms that shoot wall spells as you run through them. Each of these rooms corresponds to one of the four elements and has a Virindi (Flame Spirit, Acidic Spirit) before it which casts the corresponding vuln spell. Be careful if you get vulned.
  9. Eventually you will come to a portal, leading to the final boss, the Apparition of Spite. He is weak to acid, but also counterbuffs when debuffed. He spawns with Malicious Spirits, Rynthid Virindi similar to the ones in the first boss, except that they cast lightning ring spells on death instead of fire. Kill the last boss for a Shroud of Spite, then take the portal that spawns.
  10. You will find yourself in a room with legendary chests, and 4 large crystal "Annex". Each crystal is colored to match the shroud that you need to hand to it. Make sure you hand the correct shroud to the correct annex!
  11. Upon handing in the final Shroud, you will be rewarded with a 2 use Legendary Key and a Spirit Crystal.
    • Note: The surface portal in the middle of the room is not a safe drop! It will drop you on the third set of platforms again.
  12. Return the Spirit Crystal to Rinne Gorber at 61.6S, 63.3W for your rewards.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Path of Torment 62.1S, 65.8W -- --
Path of Rage 62.1S, 65.8W -- --
Spirited Halls 62.1S, 65.8W -- --


Experience: 250,000,000 (??% up to level ??)
Luminance: 20,000


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Opening Dialog

Rinne appears to be engrossed in thought. He smiles as he notices your presence.

Rinne Gorber tells you, "Why hello there. With such a drastic change to the Obsidian Plains by our new visitors, it's of little surprise that a surge of strange and unnatural activity has permeated the area."

Rinne Gorber tells you, "The energy I am detecting from the area is riddled with feelings of destruction, jealousy and malice. There are forces at work here that we can't yet hope to understand."

Rinne Gorber tells you, "This is why I am here, to learn all I can from the spirits that now reside here. But I can't hope to do this alone, I am a scholar not a warrior and the Rynthid would tear me to pieces."

Rinne Gorber tells you, "If you can find the source of these spirits, retrieve any artifacts or relics and bring them to me. I will reward you handsomely for your efforts."
Rewards Dialog

You allow Ruby Annex to examine your Shroud of Bloodlust.

You hand over 1 of your Shroud of Bloodlusts.

The Shroud of Bloodlust dissolves into the Ruby Annex.

You allow Amethyst Annex to examine your Shroud of Spite.

You hand over 1 of your Shroud of Spites.

The Shroud of Spite dissolves into the Amethyst Annex.

You allow Jade Annex to examine your Shroud of Envy.

You hand over 1 of your Shroud of Envys.

The Shroud of Envy dissolves into the Jade Annex.

You allow Sapphire Annex to examine your Shroud of Apathy.

You hand over 1 of your Shroud of Apathys.

A tiny piece of the Annex and a small key fall to the floor. An irresistable urge compels you to pick them up.

Sapphire Annex gives you Spirit Crystal.

Sapphire Annex gives you Legendary Key.

Rinne Gorber tells you, "I am bubbling with anticipation! What have you discovered about the increased unusual activity in the area?"

You allow Rinne Gorber to examine your Spirit Crystal.

You hand over 1 of your Spirit Crystals.

Rinne Gorber tells you, "How magnificent! This crystal is teaming with incredible power!"

Rinne takes the crystal and closes his eyes. He begins to whisper softly to himself as he clasps both hands tightly around the Spirit Crystal.

Rinne Gorber tells you, "The horror! Such unspeakable evil! Only with the assistance of my guardian spirits was I able to take something so vile and create something so beautiful."

Rinne Gorber tells you, "May this item guide and protect you from the wicked influences of this plagued land."

Rinne Gorber gives you Spirited Bloodlust Guard.

You've earned 264,999,985 experience.

You've earned 21,199 Luminance.

Rinne Gorber gives you 9 Trade Notes (250,000).
Other Interactions

A portal appears in the center of the chamber as scraps of cloth from the Apparition flutter to the ground.

The Apparition of Apathy appears unimpressed at your presence. With a wave of its hand the temperature in the chamber quickly drops.

A portal appears in the center of the chamber as scraps of cloth from the Apparition flutter to the ground.

A maniacal laugh comes from the Apparition of Envy as you enter the room.

A portal appears in the center of the chamber as scraps of cloth from the Apparition flutter to the ground.

The Apparition of Spite whispers, "Welcome friend, I have something just for you..."

A portal appears in the center of the chamber as scraps of cloth from the Apparition flutter to the ground.

Update History

Emotions Unbound

  • Quest introduced.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 13 days to 20 hours.
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