Introduced:  Sudden Season
Side of Beef
Side of Beef Icon
  • Value: 15
  • Burden: 460
  • Use this item to eat it.
  • Restores 1 Stamina when consumed.
Side of Beef Live

Side of Beef


  • Stack Size: 100

Dropped By

Recipes Used In

Sold By

Shopkeeper Location Coordinates Cost
Fispur Ansel the Grocer Holtburg 42.2N 33.6E 21
Farmer (Lin) Lin 55.6S 74.1E 24
Grocer (Oolutanga) Oolutanga's Refuge 2.4N 95.2E 24
Zubid ibn Ifi the Grocer Zaikhal 13.9N 0.6E 22
Koro of Kara, Farmer Kara 83.3S 47.2E 26
Ostentatious Farmer Shoushi 37.4S 75.5E 21
Farmer (Dryreach) Dryreach 1.4S 71.9E 21
Nakoro Eshii-Shinjo the Provisioner Wai Jhou 61.8S 51.3W 29
Grocer Tashhir ibn Najrak Tufa 14.9S 5.9E 21
Hau Ji Tan the Grocer Shoushi 33.3S 73.1E 21
Muoyen Han the Grocer Baishi 49.3S 62.5E 31
Farmer Shoushi 38.1S 68.1E 24
Hunderth the Provisioner Glenden Wood 29.6N 27.5E 24
Gharuya al-Dhul the Grocer Qalaba'r 74.5S 19.3E 26
Sidzika the Grocer Al-Arqas 31.0S 14.0E 26
Ynarre the Grocer Rithwic 10.2N 58.5E 20
Grocer Rodega Tyning Arwic 33.6N 56.7E 24
Farmer (Eastham) Eastham 21.7N 61.6E 24
Farmer (Arwic) Arwic 32.6N 55.0E 24
Yusnar ibn Lomaq the Grocer Bluespire 39.5N 75.5W 24
Ziya bint Balun the Grocer Uziz 25.7S 28.3E 24
Farmer (Qalaba'r) Qalaba'r 74.2S 21.9E 24
Farmer (Yanshi) Yanshi 11.8S 47.5E 24
Farmer (Yanshi Festival Grounds) Yanshi Festival Grounds 24
Farmer (Stonehold) Stonehold 68.6N 21.7W 24
Corin of Stonehold Stonehold 68.7N 21.6W 27
Farmer (Beachside) Beachside Farmstead 68.8N 51.6W 24
Farmer (Rithwic) Rithwic Festival Grounds 10.4N 53.5E 24
Farmer (Glenden Wood) Farmer's House 31.8N 26.4E 24
Farmer (Heartland) Heartland 22.6N 37.2E 24
Farmer (Dryreach North) Village 3.9N 70.5E 24
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