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Silifi of Crimson Night Quest
Level: 70
Type: Solo
Starts With: Maqudh al Nishadina
Starts At: 13.0N, 0.6E in Zaikhal
Repeat: 20 Hours


Quest to upgrade the Silifi of Crimson Stars. The Ruby of Crimson Night improves the attack modifier from +15% to +20%, increases speed from 70 to 50, and adds the property of Resistance Cleaving| Electric.


Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Hand the spine and fragment to Maqudh al Nishadina.
  2. Go to the Crypt of Crimson Night at 12.2N, 8.2E.
  3. Enter the dungeon and make your way north. In the northernmost room, kill Caravaush the Chamberlain and loot the Key to the Crypt of Darayavaush.
  4. The key opens the locked door in the room where you killed Caravaush.
  5. Go through that door, down the ramp and hang a left.
  6. Kill Darayavaush the Red and loot the Key to the Chest of Darayavaush and the Ruby of Crimson Night from his corpse.
  7. The key opens the Chest of Darayavaush located at the back of the room.
  8. Return the Ruby of Crimson Night to Maqudh in Zaikhal to obtain the Crimson Night Gem Setting.
  9. Combine the setting with your Silifi of Crimson Stars to make the Silifi of Crimson Night.
    • Note: you must have three gems in the Silifi of Crimson Stars before you can apply the setting.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Crypt of Crimson Night 12.4N, 8.2E -- 009B


Give Ruby of Crimson Night to Maqudh al Nishadina
Experience: 20,000,000 (7% up to level 100)
Give unwanted Crimson Night Gem Setting back
Experience: 2,064,801 (3% up to level 100)


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Opening Dialog

Maqudh al Nishadina tells you, "Do you wield the Silifi of Crimson Stars? Would you like to wield a Silifi like mine? If so, I can help you improve the weapon, to add the Critical Strike ability and Lightning Cleaving properties to it... Yes, I have a way of repairing one of the damaged jewel settings. But my method demands a very particular ruby... Never mind that for now. If you wish to start on the path to improving your Silifi, you must first bring me a Plate Armoredillo Spine. Do not trouble me with the specifics. Just bring me a spine.
Handing in Plate Armoredillo Spine

You give Maqudh al Nishadina Plate Armoredillo Spine.

Maqudh al Nishadina tells you, "Yes, this will do. I need this to reinforce the blade, which will break under the power of the enchantments I plan to - but that is not important right now. The next step is for you to bring me a Shadow Fragment. Yes, you must slay Shadows, those blots of corruption. Collect enough of their shards until you have combined them into a Shadow Fragment. We can go no further until you bring me that." steps to improving your Silifi."
Handing in Shadow Fragment

You give Maqudh al Nishadina Shadow Fragment.

Maqudh al Nishadina tells you, "Excellent. This Shadow Fragment will help me repair the setting on the axe... But in the meantime, you need to seek out the final ingredient... There is a crypt not too far from here, ruled by a terrible undead lord named Darayavaush. In life he was a great king, but in undeath he is a terrible tyrant. Go and destroy Darayavaush, and bring me the ruby he carries. It is his ruby that will provide the enchantment for your improved Silifi. Darayavaush resides in a crypt among his minions located at 12.3 N, 8.2 E."
Handing in Ruby of Crimson Night

You give Maqudh al Nishadina Ruby of Crimson Night.

Maqudh al Nishadina tells you, "Excellent. This is the final ingredient I require. I can now construct for you a new gem setting to add to your Silifi of the Crimson Stars. As I said, it will imbue your Silifi, with whatever combination of jewels you currently have, with the power of Critical Strike and Lightning Cleaving. However, this new gem setting can only be applied to a Silifi that already has three gems attached to it. You will not be able to use this on an incomplete Silifi. Take this, and go forth with your new Silifi of Crimson Night."

You've earned 4,817,868 experience.

Maqudh al Nishadina gives you Crimson Night Gem Setting.

Maqudh al Nishadina tells you, "If your are not an axe wielder and do not want this item, while I have to wonder why you bothered to speak with me, then I will take back the gem setting in exchange for some practical knowledge."
Handing in Crimson Night Gem Setting

You give Maqudh al Nishadina Crimson Night Gem Setting.

Maqudh al Nishadina tells you, "A pity you have no use for this... Then again, we can't all be strong enough to wield such a mighty axe. Perhaps some practical knowledge will serve you better."

You've earned 2,064,801 experience.

Update History

Come What Follows

  • Quest introduced.

Master of Arms

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 13 days to 20 hours.
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