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Silifi of Crimson Stars Quest
Level: 10
Type: Solo
Starts With: Leikotha
Starts At: Leikotha's Crypt at 10.1S, 31.3E
Route: Samsur
Repeat: 20 Hours


Walkthrough & Notes

  1. From Samsur, take the Yinar portal at 0.8S, 18.9E and run to Leikotha's Crypt at 10.1S 31.3E. Once inside, Speak to Leikotha to obtain a Broken Haft.
  2. Run to the house at 1.7S, 36.6E, Hand your Broken Haft to Kayna bint Iswas to receive a Repaired Haft and the text, Notes on the Silifi.
  3. Find an appropriate Armoredillo Spine and attach it to the Repaired Haft to create a Silifi of Crimson Stars. (Heavy Weapon skill check).
    • Note: If you fail to attach the spine, you will end up with a Broken Haft. Bring it back to Kayna bint Iswas to have her repair it again.


  1. Choose 3 Rubies and attach them to your Silifi of Crimson Stars to add spells to it. Any rubies you don't use can be handed to Leikotha for an experience reward.
  2. Weapon Upgrade: Complete the Silifi of Crimson Night Quest to gain a 4th gem that gives your axe improved attack modifier, speed and the Crushing Blow and Resistance Cleaving properties. It also increases the weapons spells to level VII.

The Ruby Al-Khur

Spell: Blood Drinker VI

  1. Weathered Red Key required. Once in the dungeon take the first passage to your left and hug the right wall. Ignore all the side passages sticking to the main path until you reach a split.
  2. The Ruby Al-Khur is located in the Sylsfear Dungeon at 11.0N, 14.7E.
  3. Take the left passage and use the withered key on the door. In the large room take the northwest door and kill Wari al Sha'im for the ruby.

The Ruby Yujazik

Spell: Fire Protection Self VI

  1. The Ruby Yujazik is located in a Skeleton Tent point of interest.
  2. The ruby is dropped by the Skeleton Lord here.

The Ruby Sulmada

Spell: Coordination Self VI

  1. The Ruby Sulmada is located in the Amiantos Bethel.
  2. Once you portal in, turn to your left and notice the lever on the wall. This lever opens the timed door that gives access to the Skeleton Lord and the ruby.
  3. When ready pull the lever and head east - jump down and take the southeast passage. Go left in this room and north down the ramp in the third room, you should now be in a room with bridges.
  4. Jump down below the bridge to the south and hug the right wall up a ramp and hopefully through the wooden doors before they have shut.

The Ruby Mahwan

Spell: Defender VI

  1. The The Ruby Mahwan is located in the Grievous Vault.
    • Route: Run straight to the dungeon at 25.8S, 27.3E from Uziz.
  2. From the drop head past the portal and jump down into the side openings. Head north and then west through the wooden doors and take the ramp to your immediate right.
  3. Follow the passage around and jump down into the east pit. Then take the third passage to the north and around before jumping into another pit. From here, go west through the doors and jump down, you will see a level to your right and the final pit.
  4. Make sure that you pull the lever before jumping down. Quickly head northeast past the portal into the room with the Greater Mu-miyah, kill it and loot the ruby.

The Ruby Al-Shajar

Spell: Lightning Protection Self VI

  1. The Ruby Al-Shajar is located in a Skeleton tomb point of interest.
  2. Head down the stairs and go left down a level then up again, the ruby is found on the Skeleton Lord.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Sylsfear Dungeon 11.0N, 14.7E -- 01D7
Amiantos Bethel 16.3S, 35.1E -- 0113
Grievous Vault 25.8S, 27.3E -- 0189


Give Repaired Haft to Leikotha
Experience: 10,000 (Fixed)
Give an unwanted ruby to Leikotha
Experience: 25,000 (Fixed)



Leikotha's Idle Chat

In your mind, a soft voice sighs, "So many turns of the world have passed. When shall my torment end?"

In your mind, a soft voice sighs, "Please leave me be... I wish thee no harm."

In your mind, a soft voice sighs, "Disturb me not... Travel past this hole in the earth."
Leikotha's Opening Dialog

Leikotha tells you, "Ai, another comes, breaking mine wretched musings. Why have you come to this sandy tomb, filled with unnatural beasts? Is your heart filled with greed, seeking what treasures may lay within? Or is your heart of a more noble nature, perhaps seeking to release me from this torment? It matters not, for I have but one thing to offer you."

Leikotha gives you Broken Haft.

Leikotha tells you, "Like so many things found on this unhappy world, it is broken. Once though it belonged to a friend. One like thee. One who hoped to release me. Ai, he failed... he failed."

Leikotha tells you, "Take the haft, I would see it used again in his name than have it stay with me and crumble to dust. If thou have no use for the Haft, I would still see it as it once was. Return the haft to me, repaired, and I will reward thee. Those that surround me speak of one of thy kind who may know how to set it to order once more. Look for her at 1.7 S, 36.6 E."
Giving the Broken Haft to Kayna bint Iswas

You give Kayna bint Iswas Broken Haft.

Kayna bint Iswas tells you, "Good heavens! Do you know what you have here? Do you see these markings? This is a piece of the legendary Silifi of the Crimson Stars!"

Kayna bint Iswas tells you, "It looks like the blade, the rubies, and the top two jewel fittings have been broken off. I can repair the haft, but it will only be able to hold three of the five gems, should you manage to find them."

Kayna bint Iswas gives you Repaired Haft.

Kayna bint Iswas tells you, "You'll also have to replace the blade. Here, this pamphlet has some suggestions and tips for you."

Kayna bint Iswas gives you Notes on the Silifi.

Kayna bint Iswas tells you, "I'd choose carefully, were I you. As fragile as this is now, you wouldn't be able to remove the spine or the rubies try again."
Speaking with Leikotha after repairing the Haft.

Leikotha tells you, "Thy mind tells that the haft has been repaired. Give it to me, and I shall reward thee."
Giving the Repaired Haft to Leikotha

You give Leikotha Repaired Haft.

Leikotha inspects the haft.

Leikotha tells you, "It is almost as I remember it when he carried it in his hand. Not quite though. Some harm cannot be undone."

Leikotha sighs.

Leikotha tells you, "Ai, Wari. One like thee, a child of another sun. He carried this haft, a great blade resting within it, and sought to release me. He failed... and now has been cursed as I have."

A single tear rolls down Leikotha's cheek. She raises a hand to her face and the dry wrappings absorb the tear instantly.

Leikotha tells you, "As I have said, I shall reward you."

You've earned 10,000 experience.

Leikotha tells you, "If thou returns with the gems that once graced this haft, I will reward thee again."
Giving the The Ruby Al-Shajart to Leikotha

You give Leikotha The Ruby Al-Shajar.

Leikotha tells you, "Mine thanks. This gem was but the first one that graced the axe Wari once wielded. Thy people had begun to establish holdings here on Ireth Lassel when Wari came across this ancient tomb. This place of mourning that I have haunted for millennia."

Leikotha looks to the ceiling above her, and then returns her attention to you.

Leikotha tells you, "After defeating those that surround me, Wari approached me. The long days had gone by so slowly, and this diminutive creature, one so much like mine own people, intrigued me. For a moment, this curiosity lifted the burden of my torment off my soul."

Leikotha tells you, "I hailed this creature, asked him his name and what he sought. A moment he stood silent, considering me. Then he told me his name, what had passed on the land above, and that he now looked for a cause to lend his blade to."

Leikotha tells you, "A spark of hope entered my heart, if I could still be said to have one. So long had I sought to undo Nerash's binding, the curse that forever keeps me from passing. Perhaps this curious creature could finally undo it. Ai, I was wrong, so very wrong."

Leikotha tells you, "Ai, I see I have tarried thee long enough. I will reward thee for thy efforts."

You've earned 25,000 experience.

Leikotha tells you, "If thou brings me another of the gems, perhaps I will tell thee more."
Giving The Ruby Yujazikt to Leikotha

You give Leikotha The Ruby Yujazik.

Leikotha tells you, "The second gem from Wari's axe. Allow me to reward thee."

You've earned 25,000 experience.

Leikotha tells you, "Since thou has shown an interest in Wari's tale, I will continue to tell it to thee."

Leikotha tells you, "I had told Wari of Nerash's poison arrow and my fall at the Plateau of Gelid. Of how Nerash, a foul undead minion of Dericost, had sought to keep me at his side for all eternity. Of how I had been tortured and twisted by his dark rites and doomed to never know the peace of oblivion. Of my daughter, Alysse, who only knew her mother as a loathsome monster, who had been forced to flee the light."

Leikotha tells you, "Wari's noble heart was moved, he swore to find a means to undo Nerash's binding. I told him of the undead lords who roamed the sands of this land. The secrets of blood were known to them, perhaps they could aid him in releasing the binding."

Leikotha tells you, "Wari set off to find these lords. Never again did I see him."
Giving The Ruby Sulmadat to Leikotha

You give Leikotha The Ruby Sulmada.

Leikotha tells you, "Ai, thou have found the third gem from Wari's axe. You shall be rewarded."

You've earned 25,000 experience.

Leikotha tells you, "Many days passed after Wari left this tomb. Days that had been very much the others before Wari had come, yet the spark of hope remained."

Leikotha tells you, "Then one of these creatures, these minor undead who derive a sick pleasure from seeing mine torment, told me that Wari had fallen. It cackled, the teeth in its fleshless skull rattling together with pleasure."

Leikotha tells you, "The spark of hope died. Ai, if I could but join it."
Giving The Ruby Mahwant to Leikotha

You give Leikotha The Ruby Mahwan.

Leikotha tells you, "Wari's fourth gem. Thank thee."

You've earned 25,000 experience.

Leikotha tells you, "I had stood here, impassive, watching the days begin and end, ceaselessly. As the millennia had passed, I thought I had but one feeling left to me: sorrow. Yet Wari had shown I had another: hope. Now this fleshless fool, the one who told me of Wari's death, had brought out yet another: fury."

Leikotha tells you, "I struck down the fool, although not before I found out where Wari had fallen. Wari had sought the answer to unbinding me in the dungeon Sylsfear."

Leikotha tells you, "I left this tomb, something I had not done for untold ages, and sought out those who had done this."

Leikotha sighs.

Leikotha tells you, "Ai, if only I had not. If only."
Giving The Ruby Al-Khurt to Leikotha

You give Leikotha The Ruby Al-Khur.

Leikotha tells you, "The fifth gem. I see thou have seen Wari. Fate has not been kind to a soul so noble. Some once said the same of me. However, thou does deserve a reward for giving Wari a moment of peace."

You've earned 25,000 experience.

Leikotha tells you, "Now you know what I found when I entered Sylsfear. Wari had sought out the undead lords, those who, in their life, had maintained the facility and studied the mana and structure of this world. These undead lords and their minions had overpowered Wari, had discovered why he sought them out, and thought of an appropriate punishment."

Leikotha tells you, "His mighty blade was shattered and spread about the undead minions as trophies. He was left with but one piece; the gem thou have brought to me. The lords also cursed Wari in a manner similar to me. Yet Wari's curse had been imperfect and his mind was now as shattered his axe had been."

Leikotha tells you, "I wept bitter tears when I returned to this tomb, seeing what had become of this noble child of distant sun. Ai, the tears were for me as well, for now I knew my torment would not end."

Leikotha tells you, "Thou does know the tale now, and I have but a few final words to offer thee: Do not fear the fate that awaits all creatures that draw breath, for fates much worse than that can be meted out."

Leikotha tells you, "Now please leave me be."

Update History

Thorns of the Hopeslayer

  • Quest introduced.

The Slumbering Giant

  • Leikotha changed from a creature to an NPC.
  • Leikotha now gives the Broken Haft directly instead of protecting it as a creature.
  • Newer Hoary and Plate Armoredillo spines can now be used as axe blades.
  • Any unneeded parts can now be handed to Leikotha for experience.

Come What Follows

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 27 days to 20 hours.
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