Introduced:  Repercussions Related Quests:  Salvaging Updated:  A Swelling Tide, Master of Design
Silk Salvage (100)
Salvaged Silk Icon
  • Value: Variable
  • Burden: 100
  • Properties: Bonded
  • Apply this material to a magical, treasure-generated item with an allegiance rank activation requirement to remove the rank requirement. In exchange, the item will gain an Arcane Lore difficulty equal to its Spellcraft.
  • A bolt of silk material salvaged from old items.

    Workmanship: Variable

    Salvaged from ?? items


  • Does not stack.
  • In Master of Design the name was changed from "Salvaged Type" to "Type Salvage" for technical reasons.
  • Salvaged Silk got a use during the A Swelling Tide event
  • As of the Old Ghosts event: Silk is now a free tinker with no chance to fail (previously required Item Tinkering to apply).
  • Icon is still using the background color for Item Tinkering salvage (should be ).
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