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"Silyun is the home of the remnants of the Duke of Bellenesse's rebellion. While their war is over, these Viamontian rebels still quietly urge those to join their cause." --Town Network Sign

  • Silyun is a Viamontian town dominated by the rebel faction of viamontians who follow Duke Bellenesse rather than King Varicci II. Though officially a truce exists between the rebels and the loyalists, there is still plenty of tension and intrigue to go around!
  • The town is watched over by the Grand Mother, who will give quests for those wishing to aid the rebels and eventualy seek membership into the Whispering Blade. The first quest is aimed at level 20 characters. Those wishing to join the Ordina Rossu Morta instead should visit the Grand Knight in Sanamar.
  • The town is located at 87.4N, 70.5W on Traitor's Island, one of the Halaetan Isles

Map Dereth Point


To Silyun[]

Portal gems to Silyun can be purchased for a V note from Luressi di Maki in Sanamar.

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Town Network Annex (South) Silyun 87.3N, 70.8W None
Qalaba'r 75.0S, 19.5E Silyun 87.3N, 70.8W None
Sanamar 76.6N, 58.6W Silyun 87.3N, 70.8W None
Whispering Blade Chapterhouse 59.9S, 87.2W Silyun 87.3N, 70.8W None
Fiun Outpost 95.6N, 56.2W Silyun 87.3N, 70.8W None

From Silyun[]

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Silyun 87.3N, 70.6W Town Network N/A None
Plains of Ruin Portal 87.7N, 69.7W Plains of Ruin 90.7N, 51.2W None

Points of Interest[]

Landscape POIs[]


  • 87.3N 70.8W - near drop


Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Silyun Chapterhouse 85.4N, 70.4W -- 0052 Whispering Blade Infiltration


NPC Name Location Type Details
Agonno Filleteppe the Tailor Town - 81.3N, 70.1W, first floor Shopkeeper Clothing.
Aidanan Ignarias the Blacksmith Town - 87.1N 70.5W, outside Shopkeeper Armor, Weapons.
Aldonti di Soludatis the Jeweler Town - 87.1N 70.7W, first floor Shopkeeper Gems, Jewelry.
Archmage Pazzescorios di Frodenci Town - 87.4N 70.5W, first floor Shopkeeper Spell Components, Robes, Magic Items.
Barkeeper Mallia Quios Town - 87.3N 70.3W, first floor Shopkeeper Rumors, Food.
Benedetta du Lucrezza the Healer Town - 87.4N 70.5W, first floor Shopkeeper Potions, Healing Kits.
Bowyer Cecili Blocconda Town - 87.0N 70.6W, outside Shopkeeper Fletching Items, Ammunition.
Calvinne Sporgenzenni the Shopkeeper Town - 87.3N 70.3W, second floor Shopkeeper Basic Supplies.
Scribe Copiara Parolinnis Town - 87.4N 70.5W, first floor Shopkeeper Books, Paper.
Carlito Gallo Town - 87.4N 70.5W , outside Quest Augmentation Gems
Chef Martam Town - 87.4N 70.5W, first floor Quest Cave Penguin Eggs.
Donatello Linante Town - 87.4N 70.5W , second floor Quest Augmentation Gems
Enzo Ilario Town - 87.4N, 70.5W, outside Quest Arctic Mattekar Kill Task
Grand Mother Town - 87.4N 70.5W, balcony Quest Eleonora's Heart, Knights of Karlun, Marauder's Lair
Hashina Town - 87.3N 70.5W, Outside Quest Head of Baron Entemarre.
Huntsman of Silyun Town - 86.9N 70.0W, first floor Quest Chasing Oswald
Lucari di Bellenesse Town - 87.4N 70.5W, just outside Quest Sword of Bellenesse
Mancanza the Wanderer Town - 87.0N 70.4W, outside Quest The Hunt for Muldaveus
Raphel Detante Town - 87.4N 70.5W , outside Quest Augmentation Gems
Rickard Dumalia Town - 87.4N 70.6W , outside Quest Augmentation Gems
Royal Scout Town - 87.4N, 70.9W (retired) Quest T'Thuun's Marauders
Scorus Town - 87.5N, 70.3W, first floor Quest Fiun Healing Machine Quest
Lila Fiori Town - 86.8N 70.3W, first floor Crafter Snow Lily
Fratellodunon Ribellarista Town - 87.4N 70.9W, outside Miscellaneous --
Fratellone Ribellarista Town - 87.4N 70.9W, outside Miscellaneous --
Marlan Nessunello Town - 87.1N 70.7W, outside Miscellaneous --
Mendica Scarsolo Town - 87.3N 70.3W, outside Miscellaneous --
Raimonestes Risolu Town - 87.3N 70.5W, outside Miscellaneous --
Sacci Mijob Town - 87.3N 70.5W, outside Miscellaneous --


Creatures that are commonly found in the area surrounding Silyun.
Auroch Icon Auroch

Chicken Icon Chicken

Eater Icon Eater

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