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Skill Base Weapon Bound Ultimate Upgraded
Life Magic Singularity Scepter of Life Magic Icon Singularity Scepter of Life Magic
War Magic Singularity Scepter of War Magic Icon Singularity Scepter of War Magic
Missile Weapons Singularity Atlatl Icon Singularity Atlatl
Missile Weapons Singularity Bow Icon Singularity Bow
Missile Weapons Singularity Crossbow Icon Singularity Crossbow
Two Handed Combat Singularity Greatsword Icon Singularity Greatsword
Heavy Weapons Singularity Axe Icon Singularity Axe
Heavy Weapons Singularity Spear Icon Singularity Spear
Heavy Weapons Singularity Staff Icon Singularity Staff
Light Weapons Singularity Mace Icon Singularity Mace
Light Weapons Singularity Sword Icon Singularity Sword
Finesse Weapons Singularity Dagger Icon Singularity Dagger
Finesse Weapons Singularity Katar Icon Singularity Katar


  • The blue singularity weapons are not attuned to your soul and are Destroyed on Death; in other words, you will lose them if you die.
  • The purple "Bound" singularity weapons are attuned and cannot be dropped or lost on death. The Bound version is generally weak compared to tinkered weapons and has a low wield requirement.
  • The green Ultimate weapons have improved stats and raised wield requirements, but generally still does less damage than tinkered weapons.
  • The Upgraded Ultimate weapons have the highest wield requirement of the three and is one of the best weapons in the game for killing higher level Virindi, especially those found in the Colosseum.
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