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Singularity Weapons Quest
Level: 25
Type: Solo
Starts At: Kara
Repeat: 20 Hours


Quest to gain one of Candeth Martine's Virindi Slaying weapons.

  • Completing the first part of the quest requires a Sturdy Iron Key and completing the second part of the quest requires Lockpick skill.
  • The 1st part of the quest gets you the base weapon, which has the unfavorable Destroyed on Death property.
  • The 2nd part of the quest removes the Destroyed on Death property, but keeps the stats the same.
  • The 3rd part improves the stats and increases the wield requirement.
  • The 4th and final step improves the spells, bonuses, and adds Armor Cleaving to weapons or a bonus percent damage to wands while again raising the wield requirement.

Walkthrough & Notes

Part 1: The Base Weapon

  1. You will first need to find a Tattered Virindi Cloak, which drops on Mosswart Mire-Witches. Not all witches drop it, only outside and in spawns of five mosswarts (inside or in spawns of less than five will not drop them, the five spawn ones always drop one). Good places to find such spawns include near Kara, especially in the lake area, and on the South Direlands Landbridge, there is a portal there in Qalaba'r. Though the lake areas are small; so I suggest the following get to Kara (East wing (Sho) in Town Network), then run to the southwest until the shore. Then just run west along the shore until you see a group of 5 witches (usually between 38.0E and 15.0E). With this method, you should find one in less than 30 minutes and you won't have to climb mountains. Do not kill any other spawns than the 5 witches, the spawn can reset when you leave the landblock but dead creatures take a long time to respawn with someone in the landblock : so it reduce both your's and other's chances to find the special spawn. The cloak has an 18 hour quest timer on it.
  2. Once you've found a Cloak, take the Freehold (portal in the East wing (Sho) of Town Network). Just to the northwest is the dungeon A Mosswart Hideout at 72.7S, 90.7E.
  3. Once in the Hideout, head west and hug the right wall. After going down 2 ramps you'll end up at the Chest.
  4. Open the chest with a Sturdy Iron Key and loot the Virindi Essence. There is a 20 hour timer on the essence. Use the Virindi Essence on the Tattered Virindi Cloak to get a Glowing Virindi Cloak.
  5. Go to the Moss Chamber near Zaikhal at 14.1N 0.7W.
  6. Down east ramp from big hall, stay all rights, thru door, down several right turning ramps, continue rights until you see Gragghk in between two big wooden ramps. Moss Chamber portal located in South wall.
  7. Go in that portal and give the Glowing Virindi Cloak to the Virindi NPC that is standing behind the item you want to get your Singularity Weapon. The item will be destroyed if you die, however you can make it permanent as described in the next section.
Weapon NPC
Atlatl - Missile Weapons Atlatl Minion
Axe - Heavy Weapons Beaten Virindi
Bow - Missile Weapons Bow Minion
Crossbow - Missile Weapons Crossbow Minion
Dagger - Finesse Weapons Dagger Minion
Mace - Light Weapons Conquered Virindi
Spear - Heavy Weapons Leashed Virindi
Staff - Heavy Weapons Staff Minion
Sword - Light Weapons Tamed Virindi
2 Handed - Two Handed Combat Yoked Virindi
Unarmed - Finesse Weapons Unarmed Minion
Wand (Life Magic) - Life Magic Life Magic Minion
Wand (War Magic) - War Magic War Magic Minion

Part 2: The Bound Weapon

  1. Travel to the Black Dominion dungeon at 88.6S 25.9W on the South Landbridge. To get there you can take the South Direlands Portal west of Mayoi on a hill at 62.2S 77.1E. From the drop run south to the coast, then follow the shore due east to 88.6S 25.9W.
  2. Inside the dungeon, go east until you come to books shelf area, go to southeast corner of the book area and down to the east. Pick the 40 resistance locked door. Go South, sticking left, until you come to a jump. Warning, there are lots of hollow minions, so if you are a mage you might want to hold a shield for this part, they are low level (level 85 Terebrous Hollow Minion) but a lot.
  3. Jump down and take the hallway in the Northeast corner going East, just after you get into the hallway turn North and down where you'll jump down into a large octagon shaped room.
  4. Go south down a few more jumps and you'll come to the final octagon shaped room with an exit portal and the Virindi Castaway NPC. Give him your singularity weapon/caster and don't move until he gives you back a Bound version. Now the item will not be destroyed on death. Take the exit portal to get out quickly.

Part 3: The Ultimate Weapon

  1. Travel to Martinate Holding at 59.6N 77.1W on the Tuatara Plains on northern Marae Lassel.
  2. There is a dispel trap near the start of the dungeon, and a mana trap at the end before the last group of virindis. See Maps for locations.
  3. Sticking left will get you to the end of the dungeon where you'll find a virindi NPC, the Executor Assistant. Give him your Bound Singularity weapon and he will return an Ultimate Singularity weapon.

Part 4: Further Upgrading the Quest Weapon

  1. Purchase a Weapon Upgrade Kit Containment Gem from Colosseum Coin Collector, Hisham al-Evv, Panhsj, Lintareal or Hurnmel the Smith.
  2. Use the gem to obtain a Weapon Upgrade Kit (givable/tradeable) and add to the ultimate weapon to create the upgraded version.


Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
A Mosswart Hideout 72.7S, 90.7E -- 02B4
Moss Chamber 14.1N, 0.7W -- 01DB
Black Dominion 88.7S, 25.9W -- 010A
Martinate Holding 59.6N, 77.0W -- 027E



Singularity Weapons Icon Singularity WeaponsBound Singularity Weapons Icon Bound Singularity WeaponsUltimate Singularity Weapons Icon Ultimate Singularity Weapons


Click image for full size version.


Broken Virindi

Broken Virindi tells you, "Yes, I obey the Master. Please. If you have the Glowing Mosswart Hide, I will take it in exchange for the reward that the Master feels is appropriate.

Broken Virindi tells you, "Here, Master wishes for you to have this.

Broken Virindi gives you Denouement.
Leashed Virindi

Leashed Virindi tells you, "Yes, I still obey the Master. Please. If you have the Glowing Virindi Cloak, I will take it in exchange for the Singularity Spear. Please. If you have a Singularity Spear, let me enhance it for you. Please?"
Handing in Glowing Virindi Cloak to a Minion in the Moss Chamber

You give War Magic Minion Glowing Virindi Cloak

War Magic Minion gives you Singularity Scepter of War Magic
Handing in Singularity Weapon to the Virindi Castaway

You give Virindi Castaway Singularity Scepter of War Magic

Virindi Castaway tells you, "Click and clash. Snip and slash. Yesss. Aim for the heart, he said. I will do as he would want, and he will visit me. He will. Please.

Virindi Castaway gives you Bound Singularity Scepter of War Magic
Handing in Bound Singularity to the Executor Assistant

Executor Assistant tells you, "The Master would be pleased to see you have made it so far, little one. You haven't lost your pretty Singularity weapon now, did you? Give it to me, and we shall embark on the next step on this journey...yes? Yesssssss.

Executor Assistant gives you A Journal by Martine

Executor Assistant tells you, "If you already have one of my pretty Singularity weapons, let me enhance it for you.

You give Executor Assistant Bound Singularity Atlatl

Executor Assistant tells you, "Flying death, floating death.

Executor Assistant gives you Singularity Atlatl

You give Executor Assistant Bound Singularity Mace

Executor Assistant tells you, "Crush and crush and crush and crush. Crush and crush and crush and crush.

Executor Assitant gives you Ultimate Singularity Mace

You give Executor Assistant Bound Singularity Bow.

Executor Assistant tells you, "Death sings through the air. Small sharp sticks raising their voice. A chorus of blood."

Executor Assistant gives you Ultimate Singularity Bow.

You give Executor Assistant Bound Singularity Axe.

Executor Assistant tells you, "That blade looks sharp. Can I touch it? I would like to touch it. The Master does not allow me to touch sharp things anymore. There is no escape. There is no escape. There is no escape."

Executor Assistant gives you Ultimate Singularity Axe.

You give Executor Assistant Singularity Sword

Executor Assistant tells you, "Slicing and dicing is fun. I used to be able to do it so much more before the Master came to me. But I am not complaining! You must not tell Master I was complaining!

Executor Assistant gives you Singularity Sword

You give Executor Assistant Singularity Dagger

Executor Assistant tells you, "The Master once told me that his people had a saying, 'If you prick me, do I not bleed?' But I was watching him during one of his 'presentations.' He did not bleed at all.

Executor Assistant gives you Singularity Dagger

You give Executor Assistant Bound Singularity Scepter of War Magic

Executor Assistant tells you, "Oceans of red. He bled.

Executor Assistant gives you Ultimate Singularity Scepter of War Magic

Update History

Lonely in the World

  • Quest introduced.

Dark Majesty

  • Now possible to upgrade the available base weapons (Axe, Mace, Spear and Sword) into a green colored version with better base damage, +5% melee and attack modifiers and the Attuned property.

Fever Dreams

  • Bow, Crossbow, UA, Dagger, Staff and Magic Caster weapon types added.

A Perfect Paradox

  • Atlatl weapon type added.

Treaties in Stone

  • New Virindi Castaway NPC added that upgrades the base weapons into a purple "Bound" version that cannot be dropped on death.
  • Executor Assistant now upgrades the newer "Bound" weapon instead of the base blue version.
  • The original green upgraded weapons are now retired, replaced with the new "Ultimate" version.
  • Singularity wands introduced.

A Small Victory

  • Weapons rebalanced:
    • Damage modifiers increased on all missile weapons.
    • Virindi Slayer property reduced by 22% removed on all scepters.
    • Crushing Blow property removed on all scepters.
    • Biting Strike on Ultimate Singularity Scepters has been reduced by 6%.
    • Biting Strike on Standard and Bound Singularity Scepters has been increased but is not as high as BS on the Ultimate.

Gaining Ground

  • Two handed singularity weapons added.
  • Weapon Upgrade Kits can now be used on ultimate weapons to give them improved stats, spells and Armor Cleaving properties.
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