Introduced:  Master of Design Related Quests:  Strathelar Royal Cloak Quest
Sir Daeglan
Non-Player Killer
Sir Daeglan Live
Race Human
Title Royal Invesitgator
Location 22.2S, 6.2E
Level 220
Strength 200
Endurance 290
Coordination 260
Quickness 200
Focus 290
Self 290
Health 341
Stamina 486
Mana 486


  • Route:
    • Use the Lost City of Neftet Recall spell.
    • From Yaraq run to Wi Badlands Settlement Portal (22.4S, 0.2E). From the drop run NW to tent at (22.2S, 6.2E).
  • Though he says he is interested in any text about Geraine, he does not respond to the following texts|


Sir Daeglan tells you, "Greetings, my name is Sir Daeglan. I've been assigned here by Queen Elysa to learn all I can about Emperor Geraine's actions in regards to the kingdom and its allies."

Sir Daeglan tells you, "To that end, I am rewarding those who bring me information on Emperor Geraine's actions, movements or plans."

Sir Daeglan tells you, "If you find anything, bring it to me. If it is information I can use, I'll reward you for it."

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