Introduced:  Flesh and Blood Related Quests:  Elysa's Favor Quest
Sir Rylanan's Letter to Sir Tenshin
Text Icon Academy Letter
  • Value: 0
  • Burden: 5
  • 6 of 6 pages full.
  • A letter from Sir Rylanan to Sir Tenshin, in Shoushi.

Sir Tenshin,

It is with great haste that I write you this message. The bearer of this message brings you tidings from both Holtburg and Yaraq. First, my latest news. I have recently been keeping surveillance on one of the newer citizens of this town--a "reformed" bandit from Marae Lassel claiming to have turned over a new leaf. It appears that this stranger is not as he claimed. A note found in his possession implied that he was employed to transport a cargo of some sort of substance being collected in the depths of Asuger Temple.

The adventurer you see before you penetrated the depths of the temple and found a band of Hollow Minions laboring over a strange device, collecting what looks to be concentrated portal space energy inside emulsified spherules of glass. I cannot fathom the purpose of these spherules--thinking better of performing my own analysis, I have sent the object to the Arcanum for examination. It would be best to get to the heart of this matter without delay.

I have appended a recent message from Dame Tsaya. She writes of a matter of great
concern occurring near Yaraq--I add it here

verbatim so as not to lose the urgency of her words.

With regards and congratulations for your latest promotion,


Copy of the letter from Dame Tsaya to Sir Rylanan)

Sir Rylanan,

I write my update to you with great fear and concern for the townsfolk of Yaraq. My last update to you recorded the arrival of a stranger new to town, who moved into the abandoned villa past the al-Luq residence.

I have just learned that he recently encouraged the bearer of this message to visit a "friend" of his in the Darkened Halls to the north of here. Once there, the adventurer who stands before you was

attacked on all sides by a party of Hollow Minions, who were obviously lying in ambush for unwary explorers. There was a terrible device in the depths of the Halls, ostensibly created to extract a living being's vitals from his own skin, leaving only a perfect human epidermis. One such human husk has been delivered to me, and I must report that the ghastly sight of it has not left me unshaken. I have reserved the remains for proper burial--I cannot imagine the final tortures this poor soul must have been subject to before his final passing.

What disturbs me the most is that I cannot discern a purpose for these atrocities. Who could find a need for these revolting trophies?



You give Sir Rylanan Glass Spherule.

Sir Rylanan tells you, "What a strange object! Perfectly round, and perfectly smooth!"

Sir Rylanan holds the spherule up to the light and stares into the milky glass.

Sir Rylanan tells you, "What substance could possibly be swirling around in there? Looks like portal space energy, doesn't it?"

Sir Rylanan starts to shake the spherule but suddenly thinks better of it.

Sir Rylanan tells you, "I am out of my depth here...the mages of the Arcanum might be able to fathom this object's purpose. I will send it to the Arcanum for analysis."

Sir Rylanan tells you, "I believe Sir Tenshin would be very interested to hear about your discoveries. He is heading up the garrision down in Shoushi. This letter will serve as your introduction to him--I have chronicled your discoveries, as well as the contents of the note you found earlier."

Sir Rylanan gives you Sir Rylanan's Letter to Sir Tenshin.

Sir Rylanan tells you, "I should now reward you for your aid in investigating this matter."

<Reward varies based on order quest is completed in.>

You give Sir Tenshin Sir Rylanan's Letter to Sir Tenshin.

Sir Tenshin reads the letter from Sir Rylanan with no small amount of amazement and disgust.

Sir Tenshin tells you, "This is just too much. Farmers stockpiling arsenals in their hidden basements, Hollow Minions torturing hapless victims and removing the very skin from their bodies, filling spherules with portal space energy, I can't take it! Why was I ever promoted?"

Sir Tenshin quickly descends into a short flurry of hysteria, hiccups, and pulls himself together.

Sir Tenshin tells you, "There must be connection here...could the Hollow Minions be taking the skins from their victims in order to fill them with the portal space in those spherules Rylanan told me about? All to clothe them in our Guards uniforms? This must be a plot to strike down our Queen! Every one knows that our station here is intended only to be temporary--we're only here to restore stability and then return to her. This is terrible...I'm never going home, am I? Alright, pull yourself together, soldier!"

Sir Tenshin tells you, "We have heard that a group of Hollow Minions have recently claimed Fort Witshire and barricaded themselves inside. Now that I think of it, this must be where their headquarters for this plot are located. It has long been known that Fort Witshire was built upon the ruins of an old Empyrean prison. We have been planning to infiltrate the fort by using the hidden corridors deep beneath the fort--and you seem like just the person to help us with this. Here is a key that was found among Witshire's effects--it may be useful when you reach the surface to enter the fort."

Sir Tenshin gives you Copy of Witshire's Key.

Sir Tenshin tells you, "Use the portal next to me to enter the prison, then find your way to the top to reach the confines of Fort Witshire. Now, hurry! Try to find out what those Minions are plotting! There is no time to waste!"

You give Sir Rylanan Sir Rylanan's Letter to Sir Tenshin.

Sir Rylanan tells you, "This letter is addressed to Sir Tenshin. You should take it to him in Shoushi."

Sir Rylanan gives you Sir Rylanan's Letter to Sir Tenshin.

You give Dame Tsaya Sir Rylanan's Letter to Sir Tenshin.

Dame Tsaya tells you, "This letter is addressed to Sir Tenshin. You should take it to him in Shoushi."

Dame Tsaya gives you Sir Rylanan's Letter to Sir Tenshin.

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