Introduced:  Flesh and Blood Related Quests:  Elysa's Favor Quest
Sir Tenshin's Letter to Dame Tsaya
Text Icon Academy Letter
  • Value: 0
  • Burden: 5
  • Properties: Attuned, Bonded
  • 2 of 2 pages full.
  • A letter from Sir Tenshin to Dame Tsaya, in Yaraq.

Dame Tsaya,

It is with a great deal of stress and trepidation that I update you on the latest developments here in Shoushi. I have had reports that a farmer living on the outskirts of town had recently been acting extremely strangely--acting genially towards his customers one minute, then shouting and berating them in the next. What's more, he claimed to have come into a large inheritance-which is odd, because everyone in town knows his parents remained in Ispar.

After interviewing the farmer, the bearer of this message found a trap door towards the

rear of his house, leading down to a seeminly innocuous cellar. However, a large cache of weapons was found behind a hidden doorway as well as stacks of Guard uniforms.

Now I ask you, Tsaya, how could this farmer store such a large arsenal and obtain these obviously stolen uniforms? There must be breach in our security-the Queen must be notified at once.



You give Sir Tenshin Folded Guard's Uniform

Sir Tenshin tells you, "You say you found this Guard's uniform in a hidden room in the farmer's basement? What's more, he had many of them? And he's stockpiling a large armament as well?

Sir Tenshin tells you, "How could he have found access to these uniforms? These are the sole property of Her Majesty's Guard--and are dispensed only through our headquarters. They must have been stolen whilst our quartermaster was in his cups...I will alert our Queen of this affair immediately.

Sir Tenshin tells you, "I believe Dame Tsaya in Yaraq should be alerted to this affair as well. Please take this letter to her--I have included your recent discoveries. I'm sure she will be highly interested to hear of what you have found.

Sir Tenshin gives you Sir Tenshin's Letter to Dame Tsaya

Sir Tenshin tells you, "Thank you for your help--here is your reward.

<Reward varies based on order quest is completed in.>

You give Dame Tsaya Sir Tenshin's Letter to Dame Tsaya.

Dame Tsaya quickly glances over the letter from her comrade in Shoushi.

Dame Tsaya tells you, "What a disappointing happenstance. Not only has a farmer been allowed to stockpile an arsenal in his basement, but he is concealing stolen Guards uniforms as well? Tenshin must learn to keep better order than this."

Dame Tsaya tells you, "Nonetheless, perhaps you could aid me as well. Queen Elysa recently appointed me to lead the garrison here in Yaraq. She was deeply grieved when the 12 Training Halls were destroyed and wants to ensure that no harm will come to her subjects here."

Dame Tsaya tells you, "To that end, I have a small task for you: We have heard that a newcomer to this town has moved into a villa that has lain abandoned for many years. No one knows where he came from, although it is said he speaks with a Northern accent. Would you stop by his residence, and find out more about him? He lives to the southwest, near Lubziklan al-Luq's apple orchards."

You give Sir Tenshin Sir Tenshin's Letter to Dame Tsaya.

Sir Tenshin tells you, "This letter is addressed to Dame Tsaya. You should take it to her in Yaraq."

Sir Tenshin gives you Sir Tenshin's Letter to Dame Tsaya.

You give Sir Rylanan Sir Tenshin's Letter to Dame Tsaya.

Sir Rylanan tells you, "This letter is addressed to Dame Tsaya. You should take it to her in Yaraq."

Sir Rylanan gives you Sir Tenshin's Letter to Dame Tsaya.

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