Introduced:  Flesh and Blood Related Quests:  Elysa's Favor Quest
Sir Tenshin
Non-Player Killer
Sir Tenshin Live
Race Male Sho
Title Senior Guard
Location 32.8S, 73.3E in Shoushi
Level 45
Strength 200
Endurance 140
Coordination 200
Quickness 180
Focus 90
Self 90
Health 195
Stamina 250
Mana 145


He is in the Advocate's Tower north of town towards the river.

Lore & Dialog

Sir Tenshin tells you, "Greetings! I've just come to head the garrison here in Shoushi. The townsfolk of this peaceful city must be protected, and everyone should do their share to help! Could you help me to investigate a certain matter?"
Sir Tenshin tells you, "There is a farmer who lives a little ways past the Shoushi South Outpost. He's been a normal townsmember for a very long time, but no one can speak for how he's come into so much wealth recently. Normally it's a cause to celebrate when one's neighbor moves up in the world...but why is he acting so distantly when he comes to town to stock up on provisions?"
Sir Tenshin tells you, "Could you go and check in on him? I am sure there is nothing amiss, but I just want to be sure..."

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