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Introduced:  Castling Related Quests:  Arcane Pedestal Quest
Slithe Tradittor
Non-Player Killer
Slithe Tradittor Live.jpg
Race Male Aluvian
Title Explorer
Location 3.9N, 44.8E near Lytelthorpe
Level 5
Strength 50
Endurance 70
Coordination 70
Quickness 75
Focus 50
Self 65
Health 95
Stamina 190
Mana 125



Slithe Tradittor tells you, "Traveler. I have a tale to tell and a task I would put upon you. Were you to take this task on yourself, you will bear witness to things I have seen and a wondrous device I glimpsed but could not fathom or grasp."

Slithe Tradittor tells you, "For you see, there is an artifact in a place unlike any that exists in Dereth."

Slithe Tradittor tells you, "I am an explorer for the Explorer Society. In a desert region, I came upon a suspended walkway hung out from the edge of a cliff. The other end of the walkway was attached not to solid ground but was lost in the spinning light of a portal. I held my breath and stepped upon the walkway, half expecting it to collapse and throw me to the ground so far below. Yet, the walkway held my weight! I crept forward and stepped through the portal. I arrived on another walkway, or perhaps the same one somehow extended through the portal. There was a platform at its far end, then another walkway... Well, it is something you must see for yourself. Suffice it to say that I journeyed through this structure, all the while being assailed by vile creatures. Near the top of this construction I spied an artifact- a tall pedestal it was, with arcane shapes gyrating in the air above it. I know not its function but it was clear to me that this artifact, this device, is of some import. There are many things it could be and none, I believe, of small consequence! Before I was able to reach it, a wretched monster sent me back to my Lifestone! Later, I attempted to return, yet the portal would not permit me to pass. I know not why."

Slithe Tradittor tells you, "I must study this device. I call it the "Arcane Pedestal." I even believe I have the means to create a version of it, but first I require an imprint of its morphology."

Slithe Tradittor tells you, "I shall give you a copy of my notes and an Imaging Crystal. The notes show you the way to that place. The Imaging Crystal can be imprinted with the composition and design of this device. Return to me with the imprint embedded within the Crystal and I will study it and determine how to create it."

Slithe Tradittor tells you, "The Arcane Pedestal! We shall have the Arcane Pedestal!"

Slithe Tradittor gives you Imaging Crystal.

Slithe Tradittor gives you Slithe Tradittor's Notes..