Introduced:  Fowl Play Related Quests:  Corrupted Gravestone Kill Task
Non-Player Killer
Slubbley Live
Race Femle Sho
Title Caretaker
Location Found on the Arcanum Lookout in the Graveyard at 65.3S, 43.3W.
Level 275
Strength 290
Endurance 260
Coordination 290
Quickness 290
Focus 200
Self 200
Health 326
Stamina 456
Mana 396


Lore & Dialog

Slubbley tells you, "This place gives me the creeps, especially at night! The deceased just...CRAWL their way up out of their graves and start shambling, giving no thought to how this might horrify a little ole caretaker like myself!"
Slubbley tells you, "Destroy 6 of these Corrupted Gravestones within the Graveyard before their resident makes it to the surface and I will give you a little something for your efforts."

Update History

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