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Introduced:  Master of Arms
    Sneak Attack Icon.png
Sneak Attack
Description Your melee, missile, and magic attacks do more damage from behind. In addition, if you have Deception you have a chance to cause this extra Sneak Attack damage from the front.
Formula (Coordination + Quickness) / 3
Base Status Untrained
Cost to Train 4
Cost to Specialize 2
Buffs Sneak Attack Mastery (Spell), Coordination (Spell), Quickness (Spell)
Debuffs Sneak Attack Ineptitude (Spell), Clumsiness (Spell), Slowness (Spell)


General Sneak Attack Effects

  • 100% Chance to Sneak Attack from behind an opponent.
  • [Specialized Deception] 15% Chance to Sneak Attack from the front of an opponent.
  • [Trained Deception] 10% Chance to Sneak Attack from the front of an opponent.

Specialized Sneak Attack Effects

  • +20 Base Damage Rating when sneak attack activates.

Trained Sneak Attack Effects

  • +10 Base Damage Rating when sneak attack activates.


  • Sneak Attack works for melee, missile, and magic attacks.
  • If the Sneak Attack skill is lower than your attack skill (as determined by your equipped weapon) then the damage rating is reduced proportionately. Because the damage rating caps at 10 for trained and 20 for specialized so there is no reason to raise the skill above your attack skill.
  • If Deception is below 306 deception these chances are reduced proportionately. This is in addition to proportional reduction if your Sneak Attack skill is below your active attack skill.
  • If the defender has Assess Person they reduce the extra Sneak Attack damage Deception can add from the front by up to 100%. This percent is reduced proportionately if your buffed Assess Person skill is below the 306. This reduction does not apply to attacks from behind.
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