Introduced:  The First Strike
Snowman (Housing Item) Icon
  • Value: 44
  • Burden: 155
  • You can hook this item on floor and yard hooks. It's oddly colder than normal snow.
  • This item cannot be sold.
  • A perfect snowman. Head, Arms, Nose, legs... wait, no legs.
Snowman (Housing Item) Live

Hookable Snowman


Building the Snowman

You smoosh the magic iceball onto the snowball and they form a Snowman's torso.
You smoosh the snowball onto the Snowman's body. It's looking more like a Snowman now. Somethings missing though, a few somethings.
You snap the stick in two and the twigs make perfect Snowman arms.
There, you have mastered the snow and created a perfect Snowman!

Adding a Fez

You challenge tradition in favor of a more unique Snowman. Quite distinguished looking.

Adding the Additional Head

You fashion a monstrous looking Snowman. They say two heads are better than one, but this is just disturbing.
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