Introduced:  Tricks and Treats
Snowman Mask with Hat
Snowman Mask with Hat Icon.png
  • Value: 200
  • Burden: 300
  • Covers Head
  • Armor Level: 10
  • Slashing: Poor (3)
  • Piercing: Below Average (5)
  • Bludgeoning: Poor (3)
  • Fire: Below Average (4)
  • Cold: Poor (3)
  • Acid: Poor (3)
  • Electric: Poor (3)
  • Nether: Average (10)
  • This item cannot be sold.
  • A Snowman Mask accessorized with a stylish hat.

Snowman Mask with Hat


  • The mask maker's default hat that can be added to the Snowman Mask for one C Note by handing the mask and then the note to the NPC. You can also add your own hat (see Snowman Mask with Fez) instead for free.
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