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The social systems panel has 4 tabs for managing your alliances and other affairs.


This panel provides the buttons needed to swear or receive an an oath of allegiance to or from someone. Once allegiance has been made, the panel will display more information on these ties.

Depending on your position in the Allegiance, this tab will display your Patron, Monarch and Vassal relationships and their Allegiance Rank along with your own. It will also show you the total XP Passup to your patron and from your vassals if you have any. In addition, the panel will also show you if those members are currently online.


No fellowship

From the fellowship panel, you can name and then create a fellowship ready to recruit members into. This panel also allows you to set certain options such as the ability to share loot and experience with others in the group. In addition, you can configure whether you ignore fellowship requests or automatically accept them. When neither option has been selected you will receive a popup dialogue box asking for confirmation.

Active fellowship

When you you create or have been invited into a fellowship, the panel will change to list the members and some live stats for each. These include: current health, stamina, mana, level and also the shared xp rate as a percentage (only appears when the xp sharing option was enabled).

During The Risen Princess event the sharing of Luminance can now be achieved across a fellowship. It's controlled under the same UI option as Xp, the share range for Luminance is drastically shorter than the range for shared Xp.

See the Fellowships page for more information.

Friends list

This panel provides the buttons you need to add and remove friends to and from your list and displays whether they are currently online in the game server. You can also edit the friends list in the old way via the chat interface by using Messaging Commands.

Squelch list

This panel provides the buttons you need to add and remove characters to and from your squelch (ignore) list and whether you have squelched just that character or its entire account along with all other characters on it. You can also edit the squelch list in the old way via the chat interface by using Messaging Commands.


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Update History

The Child of Daralet

  • Option for experience sharing added to the fellowship panel.

Hidden Vein

  • Fellowship panel now displays each members vital stats (as a percentage) at all times.

The Iron Coast

  • A "Do you accept?" dialog box was added for those receiving fellowship requests.

A Perfect Paradox

  • Fellowship member vitals now appear as actual values instead of percentages.


  • An auto-accept option was added to the fellowship panel.

Reign of Terror

  • Leader and open/closed fellowship buttons added to the panel.

The Madness of Men

  • The trade panel now remains open when your trading partner closes theirs. In addition, you will also receive the message "The trade has been canceled". This was added to prevent people from closing the window in the hope that their trading partner will accidentally hand them an item or drop an item on the ground.

Throne of Destiny

  • Trade Initiation Panel (secure trade) removed. Secure trades can still be initiated by double clicking another player character.

Friend and Foe

  • Healing kits and other items that require a player character target can now be used on fellowship members by using the item on a character's name in the fellowship panel.

Under Cover of Night

  • Number of players allowed on the squelch list increased from 32 to 64.


  • Friends list panel added.

Rekindling the Light

  • Squelch list panel added.

The Risen Princess

  • Option for Luminance sharing added to the fellowship panel.