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Introduced:  Ancient Powers Related Quests:  Societies of Dereth

Society chests are located in the three Society Strongholds. The society reward chests contain tier 7 loot while the society armor chests contain Society Armor with tier 8 stats. Characters who are part of a society may purchase a Writ of Authorization for 50 Trade Tokens. These writs may be turned in to the Society Vault Keeper for a Society Treasure Key. Additional keys are rewarded to characters when they advance in rank within their society.

Society Reward Chests
Researcher's Chest Icon Researcher's ChestWeapon Quartermaster's Chest Icon Weapon Quartermaster's ChestEquipment Quartermaster's Chest Icon Equipment Quartermaster's ChestArmor Quartermaster's Chest Icon Armor Quartermaster's Chest
Society Armor Chests: Celestial Hand
Society Armor Chests: Eldrytch Web
Society Armor Chests: Radiant Blood
Radiant Blood Sollerets Chest Icon Radiant Blood Sollerets ChestRadiant Blood Breastplate Chest Icon Radiant Blood Breastplate ChestRadiant Blood Gauntlets Chest Icon Radiant Blood Gauntlets ChestRadiant Blood Greaves Chest Icon Radiant Blood Greaves ChestRadiant Blood Tassets Chest Icon Radiant Blood Tassets ChestRadiant Blood Vambraces Chest Icon Radiant Blood Vambraces ChestRadiant Blood Pauldrons Chest Icon Radiant Blood Pauldrons ChestRadiant Blood Girth Chest Icon Radiant Blood Girth ChestRadiant Blood Helm Chest Icon Radiant Blood Helm Chest
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