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Non-Player Killer
Solange Live
Race Female Sho
Title Rift Walker
Location 97.4S 94.6W on Singularity Caul
Level 135
Strength 100
Endurance 245
Coordination 100
Quickness 100
Focus 245
Self 245
Health 323
Stamina 445
Mana 445


Lore & Dialog[]

Solange tells you, "I've spent many of my days in the place known as Singularity Caul. It was in my travels that I made an amazing discovery, one that would surely change anyone's life. I've experienced that proximity to a dieing rift has certain effects on the psyche."
Solange tells you, "It's truely amazing. Go out and experience it for yourself. Different rifts seem to have different effects."
Solange tells you, "Kill 30 Umbral Rifts and let me know of your adventures."
Solange tells you, "The experience of hunting Umbral Rifts appears to have a heavy but short lasted effect on the psyche, on the other hand Tenebrous Rifts have a minor but long lasting effect. If you seek to truely explore your own essence I'd suggest you kill 350 or more Tenebrous Rifts, it's truly amazing."

Solange tells you, "Truly amazing isn't it. You are one of us, you are a Rift Walker."
Solange tells you, "You need to be patient my friend, come back and tell me about your adventures when you've killed 350 Tenebrous Rifts."
You have been given the title of Rift Walker.
Solange gives you Rift Orb.
You've earned 18,728,220 experience.