Introduced:  Ashes and Dust
Souldrinker Icon.png
  • Value: ???
  • Burden: 500
  • Damage: Unknown ,
  • Speed: Unknown
  • Bonus to Melee Defense: +48.0%
  • Bonus to Missile Defense: +30.0%.
  • Bonus to Magic Defense: +30.0%.
  • Spells: Unknown
  • Properties: Multi-Strike, Attuned, Destroyed on Death, Cast on Strike: Spiral of Souls
  • You must be Viamontian Knight to wield this item.
  • This sword now rivals Heartbreaker in power, but one thing is curious - Souldrinker still cannot use final death. Perhaps it is not comprised of Shade Iron, or perhaps Count Dardante merely wished to save a weapon that can use final death for another engagement.

Commander Jared Kurth's Souldrinker.


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