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South Direlands

South Direlands


The large area of the Direlands bordered by the Valley of Death and the East Direlands Swamp to the north/north east. The Southern Landbridge connects this part of the Direlands to Southern Osteth.

The most prominent feature of the southern Direlands is the dark round landmass known as the Obsidian Plains.


Related Quests[]


NPC Name Location Type Details
Garaena the Emissary 87.7S, 65.6W Miscellaneous Casts portal to Aerlinthe for a D-note
Archmage 88.1S, 60.9W Shopkeeper Magic Supplies
Merchant 88.1S, 60.9W Shopkeeper General Supplies
Merchant 82.4S, 34.3W Shopkeeper General Supplies
Peddler 73.4S, 36.1W Shopkeeper Basic Supplies
Armorer 82.6S, 70.1W Shopkeeper Armor
Roaming Bowyer 82.6S, 70.1W Shopkeeper Ammunition


Landscape Spawns

Argenory Plant Icon Argenory PlantColban Plant Icon Colban PlantLapyan Plant Icon Lapyan PlantMinalim Plant Icon Minalim PlantDirty Old Crate Icon Dirty Old CrateDirective's Cache Icon Directive's CacheSingularity Trove Icon Singularity Trove

Towns & Regions of the Southern Direlands[]

Obsidian Plains[]

Southeast Direlands[]


Southwest Direlands[]


Points of Interest[]

Emboldened POI are those indicated on the Ingame Map as yellow dots. See also Points of Interest Map



Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Wai Jhou 62.6S, 50.2W Sho Roadside 27.9S, 68.4E None
Black Hills 74.1S, 52.4W Direlands Northwest Shore 5.8N, 91.0W 25+
Black Hills 74.1S, 52.4W Valley of Death 42.9S, 63.5W 25+
Outside Candeth Keep 88.5S, 66.8W South Direlands/Landbridge Border 84.2S, 34.4W 12+
South Direlands Craters 78.1S, 48.6W Desert Ridge Border 5.6S, 40.0E None
South Direlands Craters 78.1S, 48.7W South Direlands/Landbridge Border 84.2S, 34.4W 12+
South Direlands Craters 80.2S, 42.3W Northern Landbridge 24.4N, 53.8W 12+
Undead Ruins 82.7S, 48.8W Isle of Tears 22.5N, 51.9E None
Direlands Midlands 90.2S, 64.5W Direlands Desert Edge 78.7S, 73.4W 23+


Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps Quests
Aerbax's Holding 62.4S, 71.1W -- 594B Preparation for the Ritus
Amperehelion Vault 56.5S, 72.8W -- 0119 Major Sparking Stone Quest
Banished Assembly 87.0S, 79.6W -- 0015 Withered Weapons
Black Spawn Den 60.0S, 57.7W -- 0105 None
Black Spear Temple Upper Levels 68.5S, 66.1W -- 007E Rossu Morta Chapterhouse Access
Chakron Gate 52.9S, 62.7W -- 02AE Virindi Servant's Amulet Quest,
Sword of Lost Hope Quest
Convergent Median 87.0S, 40.3W -- 536B Quiddity Weapons Quest
Creepy Chambers 80.0S, 60.0W -- 004A Bandits of the Creepy Chambers
Desert Citadel 84.8S, 59.7W -- 6148 None
Dungeon of Corpses 56.1S, 49.6W -- 0109 None
Disaster Maze 61.3S, 50.9W -- 01A6 Premonitions of the Fourth Sending of Darkness
Elemental Caverns 82.6S, 47.5W -- 5F47 Elemental Weeping Weapons
Halls of Lost Light 76.5S, 74.9W -- 01CE Sword of Lost Light Quest
Halls of Metos 61.3S, 46.7W -- 02F3 Crafting Golems,
Asheron's Departure Lower,
Metos Motes
Hizk Ri's Temple Entrance 51.5S, 67.9W -- 5C4C The Temple of Hizk Ri
Inculcation Cells 68.8S, 62.5W -- 0295 None
K'nath Lair 49.7S, 56.3W -- 0193 Fiun Healing Machine Quest,
House Plants
Lightless Catacombs 82.2S, 35.2W -- 019B Premonitions of the Fourth Sending of Darkness,
Staff of the Nomads Quest
Pheraion's Sanctum 59.8S, 75.1W -- 0083 Pheraion's Sanctum Quest
Ravaged Cathedral 86.3S, 79.1W -- 0016 Withered Weapons
Sclavus Temple 82.5S, 75.2S -- 604A Search for Gareth Dain
Shendolain Vestibule 53.8S, 59.6W -- 02E0 Shendolain Vestibule Quest
Singularity Bore 64.1S, 63.8W 0291 0291.png 0291 Caul Flagging, Singularity Recall
Singular Obsidian Repository 55.9S, 64.8W -- 039F New Singular Repositories
Sotiris Dungeon 68.0S, 69.2W -- 02C9 None
Tumerok Chamber 81.6S, 36.6W -- 01BC None
Tumideon Fortress 56.0S, 60.7W -- 02C7 None
Vile Sanctuary 86.7S, 78.2W -- 0017 Withered Weapons
Virindi Fort 61.6S, 54.1W -- 0140 None
Withered Atoll Lugian Mine 89.7S, 76.1W 200F 200F.png -- Chunky Ore Collection,
Well-Balanced Lugian Greataxe Quest


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Note: Most landscape creatures have a spawn map on the creature's article page.

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Armoredillo Icon Armoredillo

Banderling Icon Banderling

Crystal Icon Crystal

Drudge Icon Drudge

Fire Elemental Icon Fire Elemental

Golem Icon Golem

Gotrok Lugian Icon Gotrok Lugian

Grievver Icon Grievver

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Monouga Icon Monouga

Olthoi Icon Olthoi

Rat Icon Rat

Reedshark Icon Reedshark

Shadow Icon Shadow

Shreth Icon Shreth

Skeleton Icon Skeleton

Tumerok Icon Tumerok

Tusker Icon Tusker

Undead Icon Undead

Virindi Icon Virindi

Wisp Icon Wisp