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Southern Landbridge

Southern Landbridge


A stretch of land at approximately 85.1S, 7.3W that connects South Direlands to Southern Osteth.


Related Quests


NPC Name Location Type Details
Archmage 86.5S, 5.4E Shopkeeper Magical Supplies
Weaponsmith 86.5S, 5.4E Shopkeeper Weapons

Points of Interest

Housing Settlements



Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps Quests
Abandoned Armory 83.6S, 14.7W -- 5645 Sanguinary Aegis Quest
Acolyte Towers 88.4S, 10.6W -- 02EF Skull of High Acolyte Quest
Black Dominion 88.7S, 25.9W -- 010A Singularity Weapons Quest
Land Bridge Staging Complex 86.1S, 2.5W -- 0298 Quiddity Weapons Quest
Southern Power Forge 82.2S, 3.9W -- 0005 Power Forges
Tanada House of Water 85.3S, 5.8W -- -- Tanada House of Water Quest
Temple of Enlightenment 84.5S, 0.0E -- 5D47 Attribute and Skill Redistribution


Note: Most landscape creatures have a spawn map on the creature's article page.

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