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18:37, December 3, 2009Map Point MP Town.png (file)104 BTlosk 
15:13, February 26, 2009Map Point Dot.png (file)122 BWidgeon (A big orange dot with a black border, for high contrast against a snowy background.)
15:20, January 9, 2009Spawn Map Caustic Pillar.png (file)134 BTlosk (Spawn Map Caustic Pillar Category:Spawn Map)
16:12, January 9, 2009Spawn Map Copper Legion Castle Guard.png (file)134 BTlosk (Spawn Map Copper Legion Castle Guard Category:Spawn Map)
12:45, January 9, 2009Spawn Map Blight Revenant.png (file)135 BTlosk (Spawn Map Blight Revenant Category:Spawn Map)
19:14, January 10, 2009Spawn Map Guardian Blue Coral Golem.png (file)136 BTlosk (Spawn Map Guardian Blue Coral Golem Category:Spawn Map)
02:21, January 9, 2009Spawn Map Angry Snowman.png (file)138 BTlosk (Spawn Map Angry Snowman Category:Spawn Map)
15:18, January 9, 2009Spawn Map Caustic Knight.png (file)138 BTlosk (Spawn Map Caustic Knight Category:Spawn Map)
15:38, January 10, 2009Spawn Map Galvanic Knight.png (file)138 BTlosk (Spawn Map Galvanic Knight Category:Spawn Map)
16:11, January 10, 2009Spawn Map Gikar.png (file)140 BTlosk (Spawn Map Gikar Category:Spawn Map)
12:54, January 9, 2009Spawn Map Blighted Disgusting Moarsman.png (file)141 BTlosk (Spawn Map Blighted Disgusting Moarsman Category:Spawn Map)
13:15, January 9, 2009Spawn Map Blighted Putrid Moarsman.png (file)142 BTlosk (Spawn Map Blighted Putrid Moarsman Category:Spawn Map)
16:23, January 9, 2009Spawn Map Corrupted Pyre Spark.png (file)142 BTlosk (Spawn Map Corrupted Pyre Spark Category:Spawn Map)
01:42, January 10, 2009Spawn Map Drudge Caretaker.png (file)142 BTlosk (Spawn Map Drudge Caretaker Category:Spawn Map)
14:54, January 10, 2009Spawn Map Fire Golem.png (file)142 BTlosk (Spawn Map Fire Golem Category:Spawn Map)
13:37, January 9, 2009Spawn Map Bloodmouth Remoran.png (file)143 BTlosk (Spawn Map Bloodmouth Remoran )
18:46, January 9, 2009Spawn Map Despair Wisp.png (file)143 BTlosk (Spawn Map Despair Wisp Category:Spawn Map)
22:45, January 9, 2009Spawn Map Drudge Ballast.png (file)143 BTlosk (Spawn Map Drudge Ballast Category:Spawn Map)
10:33, January 10, 2009Spawn Map Dusk Rabbit.png (file)143 BTlosk (Spawn Map Dusk Rabbit Category:Spawn Map)
12:43, January 9, 2009Spawn Map Blight Rat.png (file)144 BTlosk (Spawn Map Blight Rat Category:Spawn Map)
12:46, January 9, 2009Spawn Map Blight Spirit.png (file)144 BTlosk (Spawn Map Blight Spirit Category:Spawn Map)
16:21, January 9, 2009Spawn Map Corrupted Pyre Oak.png (file)144 BTlosk (Spawn Map Corrupted Pyre Oak Category:Spawn Map)
08:03, January 9, 2009Spawn Map Atakir, the Dark Prince.png (file)145 BTlosk (Spawn Map Atakir, the Dark Prince Category:Spawn Map)
13:29, January 9, 2009Spawn Map Blood Curse Rat.png (file)145 BTlosk (Spawn Map Blood Curse Rat Category:Spawn Map)
09:12, November 17, 2014Map Point Quest Mansion.png (file)146 BMaintenance script (Importing image file)
13:03, January 9, 2009Spawn Map Blighted Miry Moarsman.png (file)147 BTlosk (Spawn Map Blighted Miry Moarsman Category:Spawn Map)
16:18, January 9, 2009Spawn Map Corrupted Dread.png (file)147 BTlosk (Spawn Map Corrupted Dread Category:Spawn Map)
14:48, January 10, 2009Spawn Map Fetid Moarsman.png (file)147 BTlosk (Spawn Map Fetid Moarsman Category:Spawn Map)
15:24, January 10, 2009Spawn Map Formless Shadow.png (file)147 BTlosk (Spawn Map Formless Shadow Category:Spawn Map)
16:06, January 9, 2009Spawn Map Consumed Wraith.png (file)148 BTlosk (Spawn Map Consumed Wraith Category:Spawn Map)
16:15, January 10, 2009Spawn Map Glacial Knight.png (file)148 BTlosk (Spawn Map Glacial Knight Category:Spawn Map)
09:32, November 17, 2014Map Point VillaSolo.png (file)149 BMaintenance script (Importing image file)
08:08, January 9, 2009Spawn Map Augmented Penguin.png (file)150 BTlosk (Spawn Map Augmented Penguin Category:Spawn Map)
01:35, January 10, 2009Spawn Map Drudge Biter.png (file)150 BTlosk (Spawn Map Drudge Biter Category:Spawn Map)
19:41, January 10, 2009Spawn Map Hatred Wisp.png (file)150 BTlosk (Spawn Map Hatred Wisp Category:Spawn Map)
09:33, November 17, 2014New!.gif (file)152 BMaintenance script (Importing image file)
13:26, January 9, 2009Spawn Map Blockade Guard.png (file)153 BTlosk (Spawn Map Blockade Guard Category:Spawn Map)
13:21, January 10, 2009Spawn Map Eidolon.png (file)153 BTlosk (Spawn Map Eidolon Category:Spawn Map)
18:10, January 10, 2009Spawn Map Gotrok Fortress Guard.png (file)153 BTlosk (Spawn Map Gotrok Fortress Guard Category:Spawn Map)
18:08, January 9, 2009Spawn Map Decaying Ruschk Sadist.png (file)154 BTlosk (Spawn Map Decaying Ruschk Sadist Category:Spawn Map)
18:35, January 10, 2009Spawn Map Grave Rat.png (file)154 BTlosk (Spawn Map Grave Rat Category:Spawn Map)
10:01, November 17, 2014Map Point CottageSolo.png (file)155 BMaintenance script (Importing image file)
18:05, January 9, 2009Spawn Map Decaying Ruschk Laktar.png (file)156 BTlosk (Spawn Map Decaying Ruschk Laktar Category:Spawn Map)
20:14, January 20, 2009Map Point Small.png (file)157 BTlosk's Bot 
10:37, January 10, 2009Spawn Map Dusk Zefir.png (file)157 BTlosk (Spawn Map Dusk Zefir Category:Spawn Map)
18:59, January 10, 2009Spawn Map Greater Penumbral Horror.png (file)157 BTlosk (Spawn Map Greater Penumbral Horror Category:Spawn Map)
17:53, January 10, 2009Spawn Map Gold Remoran.png (file)158 BTlosk (Spawn Map Gold Remoran Category:Spawn Map)
19:21, January 10, 2009Spawn Map Guruk Basher.png (file)158 BTlosk (Spawn Map Guruk Basher Category:Spawn Map)
19:29, January 10, 2009Spawn Map Guruk Hulk.png (file)158 BTlosk (Spawn Map Guruk Hulk Category:Spawn Map)
17:56, January 20, 2009Map Point Medium.png (file)159 BTlosk's Bot 

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