Staff of the Nomads
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Staff of the Nomads


  1. Use Splintered Staff (Necropolis) on Splintered Staff (Lightless Catacombs) to create Staff of the Nomads.
    • Splintered Staff (Necropolis) Icon + Splintered Staff (Lightless Catacombs) Icon = Staff of the Nomads Icon

As you bring the two halves of the staff together, the wood seems to grow together again.
  • WCID: 23542


Update History

A Perfect Paradox

  • Damage type changed from Bludgeoning to Fire.
  • Base damage increased from 7 - 10 to 10.5 - 15.
  • Attack modifier increased from +2% to +15%.
  • Defense modifier increased from +4% to +15%.
  • Biting Strike property added.
  • Spells updated.
    • Old spells: Staff Mastery Other IV, Endurance Other IV, Magic Resistance Other III, Warrior's Greater Vigor, Sprint Other V, Armor Other III, Coordination Other IV
    • New spells: Staff Mastery Other VI, Blood Drinker VI, Endurance Other VI, Magic Resistance Other VI, Warrior's Greater Vigor, Sprint Other VI, Armor Other VI, Coordination Other VI
  • Staff: 280 activation requirement changed to Staff: 325 base wield requirement.
  • Arcane Lore: 180 activation requirement removed., Staff: 280

A Gathering of Colors

  • Icon updated.
  • Old icon: Staff of the Nomads (Should the Stars Fall) Icon

Master of Arms

  • Weapon type changed from Staff to Finesse Weapons (Staff).
  • Base damage increased from 10.5 - 15 to 25.9 - 37.
  • The spell Staff Mastering Other VI updated to Finesse Weapon Mastery Other VI.
  • Wield requirement changed from Staff: 325 to Finesse Weapons: 325
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