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Introduced:  Throne of Destiny
Star of Gharu'n
Star of Gharu'n Icon
  • Value: 50,000
  • Burden: 400
  • Skill: Light Weapons (Spear)
  • Damage: 30.25 - 55 (??), Fire
  • Speed: Fast (30) (0)
  • Bonus to Attack Skill: +18%
  • Bonus to Melee Defense: +18% (35%)
  • Spells: Incantation of Light Weapon Mastery Self, Incantation of Coordination Self, Epic Stamina Gain, Incantation of Strength Self, Epic Light Weapon Aptitude, Incantation of Blood Drinker, Incantation of Defender, Epic Blood Thirst, Epic Coordination, Epic Strength
  • Properties: Fire Rending, Crushing Blow
  • Rare #285
  • Spellcraft: 400.
  • Mana: 3200.
  • Mana Cost: 1 point per 20 seconds.
  • A piece of the Heroic Destroyer Set.

    There was once a young Gharu'ndim noble in Tirethas named Javit al-Thirim who cared more about this appearance than duty. His father, despairing of his son's vanity, forcibly enrolled him in the city guard. Even then, the weapon he brought to guard duty, a huge, unwieldy, extravagantly ornamented spear, was useless as a weapon. One night, as Javit served his guard duty at the lighthouse of Tirethas, a fierce storm blew in from Ironsea and shattered the mirror inside the lighthouse. Thinking quickly, Javit plunged his ornamental spear into the lighthouse flame, creating as bright a beacon as any mirror. The light of the spear was enough to guide ships into safe harbor until a replacement mirror arrived. The weapon's glossy finish was ruined by the fire, but Javit had finally pleased his father, and the spear still shines with its own light.

    Item Level: 0/50
    Item XP: 0/2,000,000,000
Star of Gharu'n Live

Javit al-Thirim wielding the Star of Gharu'n


  • Rare item.
  • The weapon now levels when you gain experience fighting with it and gives bonus spells the higher the level.
  • Current Owners
    • Javit al-Thirim

Update History[]

Shedding Skin

  • Now part of the Heroic Destroyer Set.
  • Base damage increased from 26.5 - 53 to 29.7 - 54.
  • Attack/defense modifiers increased from 15% to 18%.
  • Biting Strike changed to Crushing Blow.
  • Dropped on Death property removed.
  • Value increased from 12,000 to 50,000.
  • Spells updated from:
    • Major Stamina Gain
    • Honed Control
    • Major Coordination
    • Major Strength
    • Major Spear Aptitude
    • Might of the Lugians
    • Infected Caress
    • Cragstone's Will
    • Tibri's Blessing

Master of Arms

  • Skill changed from Spear to Light Weapons and spells adjusted accordingly.
  • Base damage increased from 29.7 - 54 to 30.25 - 55.