West Holtburg Outpost Live

West Holtburg Outpost, one of the remaining Starter Outposts

The starter outposts are found near each of the original Nexus towns, and were originally the location where new arrivals to Dereth would appear and also where the portals to the Training Halls were found.

The large buildings that are found at each outpost are known as Advocate Spires or towers and were used by Strathelar's Order of Advocates until they were disbanded during the Lonely In The World event.

During The First Strike event, Six of the outposts was destroyed by Martine. Since the attacks, new characters can only start within Holtburg, Yaraq, or Shoushi, and with the Throne of Destiny expansion pack, Sanamar. During the Throne of Destiny event, a new Training Academy was introduced and the traditional Training Halls were retired. Since the ToD event, players also now appear at each town and not at the nearby starter outpost.

Despite the fact that some of the outposts are now, for the most part, destroyed and inactive, most of the shopkeepers and starter quest NPCs have remained. See each outpost's page for more information.










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