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Introduced:  Now In This Hush
Steel Chest
Steel Chest Icon.png
  • Value: 2,500
  • Burden: Variable
  • Use this item to open it and see its contents.
  • Can hold up to 120 items and 10 containers.
  • Locked
  • This lock looks impossible to pick. (Resistance 5000).

Steel Chest


  • Random landscape spawn chest.
  • Unlocked using a Sturdy Iron Key.
  • This chest is one of two ways to get Ring or Wall spell scrolls - see Feruza ibn Salaq for information on the other method.
  • Burden used to be an indication of the presence of a rare scroll, but is no longer due to the addition of the weapon.
  • Similar Chests in dungeon fixed locations drop low level loot. See Sturdy Iron Chest for more information.
  • The steel chest has a unique treasure profile and generates 1-2 level VII scrolls and a weapon or ball of Coalesced Aetheria in addition to two trophies.



Spawn Map Base.jpg
Steel Chest Spawns

Data courtesy of Mob Tracker. Zoomable color

maps available with downloadable Viewer.

Update History

Shedding Skin

  • Loot profile updated and can now generate a tier 6 weapon or Coalesced Aetheria.