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Because Asheron's Call is a 3D environment, it's easy to make a stereoscopic image that with some training, can be viewed in full 3D without any special equipment.

The idea is to capture two images of the same object or scene from the viewpoint of each eye. This can be accomplished either by side stepping a very short distance and taking another screen shot, or if you're looking at yourself, you can pivot the camera slightly to the left or right. (The more distance between the points of view of the captures the greater the sense of depth, if they are too far apart the scene will look unnatural or be impossible to focus).

Crop the images to a reasonable size and then put them side by side. Now you have a stereoscopic image. The order is important. The left image should be the one taken from the point of view of the right eye and the right image from the left eye. So if you take one capture then slide a tad to the right and take a second, the first capture will go on the right, and the second will go on the left. If you can't remember which is which, just try it and if it won't focus into 3D, switch the left and right positions and try again.

You view the image by crossing your eyes slightly until you see three images (the two real ones plus a combination of the two in the middle). Try focusing on the one in the middle and ignore the images on the sides. Relax your eyes and it should snap into focus. With a little practice you can learn to quickly focus and the middle image will be crystal clear and in full 3D.

Here's an example image:

Stereoscopic Alduressa Armor