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Steward of Chalicmere
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  • The Steward of Chalicmere presumably lives in the Direlands fortress of that name, but has never been seen by human eyes. She is the current leader of the Latzimestal, as evinced by her title of Steward; she maintains titular control of the Dericost Kingdom in the name of King Sarvien II, the Latzimestal monarch deposed by the victorious armies of Yalain and Haebrous.[1]
  • Master of the Sand Kings.[1]
  • Lady Aerfalle sent her Emissary Faladha to Chalicmere to call in the Stewards help for the fight against Ilservian Palacost and his forces during The Fourth Sending of Darkness.[2]
  • The Steward recruited the Sand King Anadil to serve as head of the undead army that stood against Ilservian Palacost in P.Y. 11.[3]

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