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Stop the Rebuilding
Level: 200
Type: Solo
Starts With: Isin Dule
or Ler Rhan
Starts At: Isin Dule: Arwic at 33.4N, 56.9E
Ler Rhan: Tou-Tou at 29.5S, 94.2E.
Repeat: 20 Hours
Quest Chain: 1. Shadow Communication
2. Strange Crystal Quest
3. Fate of Bael'Zharon
4. Dark Recordings
5. Shadow Assault
6. Tou-Tou Blockade
7. Stop the Rebuilding


  • Final quest in the Shadow Invasion chain.
  • Unlike the previous quests in the chain, quest 7 is repeatable.

Walkthrough & Notes

Siding with Isin Dule

  1. After speaking with Isin Dule twice, he will tell you to go kill 4 Shadow Engineers in the The Shadows near Tou-Tou at 29.5S, 94.2E.
  2. Inside The Shadows you will find the usual shadow spawns in addition to Shadow Engineers throughout the dungeon. There are three spawn locations for the Engineer in this dungeon. The Engineer will rotate through the locations. All of the locations are near the entrance to the room with Ler Rhan.
    South of Ler Rhan.
    C shaped room.
    Near Ler Rhan's room, ouutside the east hallway.
  3. The other three engineers are located at random locations inside each of the caves for the Dark Recordings quest.
  4. After killing all four Engineers, talk with Isin Dule for your reward.
    • Note: Each engineer is its own killtask so for each one you kill you will get the following message (it doesn't increment 1-4 as you might think): :You have killed 1 Shadow Engineers! Your task is complete!

Siding with Ler Rhan

  1. Ler Rhan will instruct you to pick up four "Attunement Device" items - one within the crystal room inside The Shadows and the other three within "caves around Tou-Tou."
  2. Return to Ler Rhan and hand over the Attunement Device Bolt for rewards. Note, Ler Rhan won't accept the other items.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
The Shadows 29.5S, 94.2E 7E02 Updated 7E02 Updated.png --
Shadow Cave 27.4S, 95.3E -- --
Shadow Cave 28.9S, 96.1E -- --
Shadow Cave 28.3S, 96.9E -- --


Complete Isin Dule or Ler Rhan's task
Experience: 350,000,000 (??% up to level ??)
Luminance: 30,000

Quest Chain Titles

Titles are rewarded on starting the quest and vary depending on who you have helped in the past and how many times (shown in brackets).

Speak to Isin Dule (Isin Dule: 6)
Titles: Duleing with the Dark
Speak to Isin Dule (Shadows: 6)
Titles: The Tou-Tou Terror
Speak to Isin Dule (Isin Dule: 5, Shadows: 1)
Titles: Hero of the Night
Speak to Isin Dule (Isin Dule: 4, Shadows: 2)
Titles: Conspirator
Speak to Isin Dule (Isin Dule: 4, Shadows: 2)
Titles: Double Agent


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Opening Dialog

Isin Dule

Isin Dule tells you, "The shadows do not accept defeat easily."
Isin Dule tells you, "My scouts have informed me that the shadows have sent out engineers who are collecting pieces of the Attunement Device Ler Rhan used to bring the Void of Bael'zharon to the surface."
Isin Dule tells you, "If they succeed in retrieving those parts and building the device, we may not be able to defeat him a second time."
Isin Dule tells you, "Destroy all 4 of the engineers before it is too late."

Ler Rhan

Ler Rhan tells you, "I do not accept this defeat."
Ler Rhan tells you, "We shall reconstruct the device and attempt to pull Bael'Zharon back to the surface."
Ler Rhan tells you, "One of the pieces is in the room with the strange crystals."
Ler Rhan tells you, "The others appear to be in the caves around Tou-Tou."
Ler Rhan tells you, "Collect all of the pieces and bring them to me."

Completing Isin Dule's Task

Isin Dule tells you, "You have done well young one."
Isin Dule tells you, "We have prevented the chaos from spreading in this land for another day."
Isin Dule tells you, "Unfortunately, I do not suspect the generals will ever stop their quest."
You've earned 350,000,000 experience.
You've earned 30,000 Luminance.
Isin Dule gives you Fortified Mana Forge Key.

Completing Ler Rhan's Task

Ler Rhan tells you, "Finally, I expected these pieces sooner."
Ler Rhan tells you, "I will set my engineers to work."
Ler Rhan tells you, "Take your compensation and leave me be."
You've earned 350,000,000 experience.
You've earned 30,000 Luminance.
Isin Dule gives you Fortified Mana Forge Key.

Update History

Cloak of Darkness

  • Quest introduced.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 27 days to 20 hours.
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