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Introduced:  Heroes' Respite Related Quests:  The Painbringer Quest
Sturdy Iron Key
Sturdy Iron Key Icon
  • Value: 25
  • Burden: 50
  • Number of uses remaining: 1
  • This key is a sturdy iron key that looks like it might fit a variety of chests, of the type used to hold valuable treasure.


  • Dropped by most mid-level creatures as a random trophy drop.
  • Their main use is to open certain Chests. There are two types of chests, outwardly indistinguishable:
  1. Steel Chests that spawn randomly in the Direlands (often appear along side Virindi) that contain level VII scrolls and Mana Stones (including wall, blast, volley, and ring war spells).
  2. Sturdy Iron Chests in fixed locations in dungeons contain regular, low-level random loot.

Dropped By[]

Update History[]

Should the Stars Fall

  • Icon updated.
  • Old icon: Sturdy Iron Key (Heroes' Respite) Icon