December 1999 - Announcements Page

User Interface Changes

  • Button added which allows you to turn off rain and some other weather effects. Useful if these effects slow your frame rate.

New Quests

New Events

New NPCs

New Locations


Points of Interest

New Emotes

  • *snow angel* (Make a snow angel)

New Items

Gelidite Robe Icon Gelidite RobeHoary Mattekar Robe Icon Hoary Mattekar RobeIce Heaume of Frore Icon Ice Heaume of FroreNeydisa Hauberk Icon Neydisa Hauberk Chest Brown Icon Chest (Lost City of Frore) Dho Vest and Robe Icon Dho Vest and RobeFaran Robe Icon Faran RobeFaran Robe with Hood Icon Faran Robe with HoodSuikan Robe Icon Suikan RobeFez Icon FezKasa Icon Kasa Whittling Knife Icon Whittling KnifeBrown Lump Icon Brown LumpCarrot Icon CarrotCarrot Stock Icon Carrot StockCarrot Cake Icon Carrot CakeCinnamon Icon CinnamonCinnamon Bark Icon Cinnamon BarkHot Kimchi Icon Hot KimchiHot Pepper Icon Hot PepperHot Sauce Icon Hot SauceOregano Icon OreganoPickled Fish Icon Pickled FishBeef Rice Icon Beef RiceMushroom Rice Icon Mushroom RiceRabbit Noodle Icon Rabbit NoodleRabbit Rice Icon Rabbit RiceSide of Beef Icon Side of BeefStrange Stick Icon Strange StickCarrot Cake Batter Icon Carrot Cake BatterFruitcake Batter Icon Fruitcake BatterRich Carrot Stock Icon Rich Carrot StockRich Lumpy Flour Icon Rich Lumpy FlourSpiced Lump Icon Spiced LumpSpiced Apple Filling Icon Spiced Apple FillingSpiced Lumpy Flour Icon Spiced Lumpy Flour Carol's Carrot Soup Icon Carol's Carrot SoupFlaming Kimchi Icon Flaming KimchiHearty Hot Kimchi Icon Hearty Hot KimchiHealing Hot Kimchi Icon Healing Hot KimchiHearty Healing Hot Kimchi Icon Hearty Healing Hot KimchiHearty Mana Hot Kimchi Icon Hearty Mana Hot KimchiMana Hot Kimchi Icon Mana Hot KimchiHearty Rabbit Noodle Icon Hearty Rabbit NoodleHealing Rabbit Noodle Icon Healing Rabbit NoodleHearty Healing Rabbit Noodle Icon Hearty Healing Rabbit NoodleHearty Mana Rabbit Noodle Icon Hearty Mana Rabbit NoodleMana Rabbit Noodle Icon Mana Rabbit NoodleFruitcake Icon FruitcakeHearty Carrot Cake Icon Hearty Carrot CakeHealing Carrot Cake Icon Healing Carrot CakeHearty Healing Carrot Cake Icon Hearty Healing Carrot CakeHearty Mana Carrot Cake Icon Hearty Mana Carrot CakeMana Carrot Cake Icon Mana Carrot CakeFamous Pizza Icon Famous PizzaHearty Famous Pizza Icon Hearty Famous PizzaHealing Famous Pizza Icon Healing Famous PizzaHearty Healing Famous Pizza Icon Hearty Healing Famous PizzaMana Famous Pizza Icon Mana Famous PizzaHearty Mana Famous Pizza Icon Hearty Mana Famous PizzaSpiced Apple Pie Icon Spiced Apple PieHearty Spiced Apple Pie Icon Hearty Spiced Apple PieHealing Spiced Apple Pie Icon Healing Spiced Apple PieHearty Healing Spiced Apple Pie Icon Hearty Healing Spiced Apple PieMana Spiced Apple Pie Icon Mana Spiced Apple PieHearty Mana Spiced Apple Pie Icon Hearty Mana Spiced Apple PieHearty Carrot Soup Icon Hearty Carrot SoupHealing Carrot Soup Icon Healing Carrot SoupHearty Healing Carrot Soup Icon Hearty Healing Carrot SoupHearty Mana Carrot Soup Icon Hearty Mana Carrot SoupMana Carrot Soup Icon Mana Carrot SoupNelvaine's Olde Ispar Stout Icon Nelvaine's Olde Ispar Stout Gelidite Treasure Key Icon Gelidite Treasure KeyKarwin's Key Icon Karwin's KeyMacDugal's Key Icon MacDugal's KeyKey of Frore (Upper) Icon Key of Frore (Upper)Key of Frore (Lower) Icon Key of Frore (Lower) Crystal Device Icon Crystal DeviceShattered Key Icon Shattered KeySeal Icon SealBandit Rune Transcription Icon Bandit Rune TranscriptionPartial Rune Transcription Icon Partial Rune TranscriptionNeydisa Rune Transcription Icon Neydisa Rune TranscriptionStonehold Rune Transcription Icon Stonehold Rune TranscriptionComplete Rune Transcription Icon Complete Rune TranscriptionGwillim's Alchemy Bag Icon Gwillim's Alchemy Bag Text Icon Book Specialty CookbookText Icon Parchment Brief NoteText Icon Scroll Gelidite Standing Stone TranslationText Icon Parchment Hasty Note (Bandit Castle)Text Icon Book Legend of FroreText Icon Book An Old BookText Icon Book Our Great WorkText Icon Parchment Quick NoteText Icon Book An Ancient BookText Icon Book The Book of MineshText Icon Parchment The Tremblant Party (Aluvian)Text Icon Parchment The Tremblant Party (Gharu'ndim)Text Icon Parchment The Tremblant Party (Sho)Text Icon Book Yarick's JournalText Icon Parchment History of Neydisa CastleText Icon Parchment Jourgensson's LetterText Icon Parchment Gwillim's Alchemy NotesText Icon Book An Old VolumeText Icon Parchment Dark NoteText Icon Book Dusty VolumeText Icon Parchment Slimy NoteText Icon Parchment Shadow's NoteText Icon Book Translated History Book (An Old Volume)Text Icon Book Translated History Book (Dusty Volume)Text Icon Parchment Virindi's Note Hoary Mattekar Hide Icon Hoary Mattekar Hide Hammer of Frore Icon Hammer of FroreTremblant's Ivory Staff Icon Tremblant's Ivory Staff"Enchanted" Iceball Icon "Enchanted" IceballIceball Icon IceballPoofy Snowball Icon Poofy SnowballSnowball (Item) Icon Snowball (Item)Pickaxe Icon Pickaxe

New Creatures

Crystal Icon Crystal

Mattekar Icon Mattekar

Snowman Icon Snowman

Gelidite Icon Gelidite

Undead Icon Undead

New Dialog

Town Crier Rumors

Town Crier tells you, "An unexpected chill has brought snow and ice to much of Dereth. No one knows what has brought this sudden chill upon us. The word is to be wary of the snowmen. There're rumors of bigger ones too!"

Town Crier tells you, "New robes available at some tailors! Wear yours for special occasions or as a fashion statement!"

Town Crier tells you, "Sir Joffre Tremblant's adventuring party has gone missing. The group was last seen heading north from Arwic."

Town Crier tells you, "Some people claim that the sun has grown slightly dimmer, but no one has confirmed this for sure. Some say it has contributed to the sudden chill. I also accept money, if you want more news."

Town Crier tells you, "There is a season in the Naqut, back in Ispar, during which the winds gust constantly, and sandstorms cover the land, blotting out much of the light. It is called the Night Feast, during which we pray for fortune in the coming year, cook food with fine spices like cinnamon and oregano, and Feast the night away!"

Town Crier tells you, "This is the time when we Aluvians are celebrating the Solstice, a time of lights and drinking and very good cheer. Join me in wishing Aluvians everywhere a fine and wonderful Solstice! Nothing is better at a time like this than a good drink and a fine apple pie."

Town Crier tells you, "We celebrate now the Festival of Lights. Bring your torches and circle around, while we honor the Elder Spirits whose truths bring us light. Enjoy the food and drink, maybe someone will at last replicate the fiery kimchi that will make our celebrations complete."

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