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Introduced:  Balance of Power
    Summoning Icon.png
Description Allows you to summon creatures to attack your foes.
Formula (Endurance + Self) / 3
Base Status Untrained
Cost to Train 8
Cost to Specialize 4
Buffs & Debuffs Summoning Spells, Endurance Spells, Willpower Spells

Starting Equipment

All Character Races:

  • ?


  • It is currently not known what the major differences between the types of creatures are, or if the summoned creatures share the elemental resistances of their monster counterparts (IE: Are undead pets resistant to cold? Is a summoned fire elemental immune to fire? etc.)


  • Summoned creatures are a fire and forget system. When summoned, a creature attacks the nearest enemy and fights until that creature is dead, the summoned creature dies, or the lifespan expires. If it kills the opponent it moves on to the new nearest target.
  • Creatures restricted by level and BUFFED Summoning skill.
  • Have a lifespan of ~45 seconds.
  • Can fail to summon due to the environment, the summoning device has a cool down of 45 seconds to use. Do not attempt to summon toward an incline or wall. You must wait the full 45sec if your pet fails to summon.
  • Creatures are melee only.
  • Have maximum Sneak Attack skill.
  • A Summoning device has 50 uses. Encapsulated Spirit will drop in loot and is used to refill the devices. Encapsulated Spirit will refill the device to a full 50 charges no matter how many charges are remaining.
  • Low level summoning has access to golems (bludgeon damage only).
  • Golem summoning devices are bought from special vendors called Geomancers
  • Once a player hits level 50 they can choose a summoning mastery to unlock new types of minions. These minions cover the elemental damage types (acid, fire, frost, lightning) only.
  • Summoned creatures do not attack and are not attackable by other players. No effect on PvP.
  • Summoned creatures are ethereal.


Creature devices that drop in loot can come with the following ratings, up to 20 in each:

  • Damage, Damage Resistance, Crit Damage, Crit Damage Resistance, Crit Chance, Crit Chance Reduction.
  • Do not expect to find a monster with +20 in all.


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Update History

Balance of Power

  • Introduced
Magic Skills Arcane Lore, Creature Enchantment, Item Enchantment, Life Magic, Mana Conversion, Void Magic, War Magic
Combat Skills Finesse Weapons, Heavy Weapons, Light Weapons, Missile Weapons, Two Handed Combat, Summoning
Secondary Combat Skills Dual Wield, Dirty Fighting, Recklessness, Sneak Attack
Defense Skills Magic Defense, Melee Defense, Missile Defense, Shield
Crafting Skills Alchemy, Armor Tinkering, Cooking, Fletching, Item Tinkering, Lockpick, Magic Item Tinkering, Salvaging, Weapon Tinkering
Misc Skills Assess Creature, Assess Person, Deception, Healing, Leadership, Loyalty, Jump, Run
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