Introduced:  Friend and Foe Related Quests:  Tunnel of Love Quest
Surloshen Realaidain
Non-Player Killer
Surloshen Realaidain Live
Race Male Gharu'ndim
Title Unwanted
Location 99.7S, 96.7W on Caul
Level 2
Strength 10
Endurance 10
Coordination 10
Quickness 10
Focus 10
Self 10
Health 15
Stamina 20
Mana 20


Lore & Dialog

Surloshen Realaidain slaps himself in the face.
Surloshen Realaidain says, "Shut up, you!"

Surloshen Realaidain tells you, "Welcome to my home, friend! Do have a look around. Do you like my lilies?"
Surloshen Realaidain tells you, "Have you heard of my father? I suspect you most likely have. He is a great man, my father. They call him Asheron Realaidain. He is responsible for many marvels and wonders, is he not? Truly a legend of his time."
Surloshen Realaidain tells you, "There are some who doubt that Asheron is actually my father. They say that he would never deign to father an illegitimate son with a common Isparian woman, but those people know nothing, I tell you! I will admit, even Asheron himself has not admitted to my existence, and I cannot fathom why he has not, but he is my father! I speak true!"
Surloshen Realaidain tells you, "I dearly wish to visit my father, wherever he may be. And I would like him to acknowledge me as his own, but I fear he will not do so without some sort of undeniable proof of our relation. There is a pit nearby, crawling with monsters of an ill disposition, which contains proof that Asheron is indeed my father! If you would be a good soul, please descend into that pit, retrieve this proof, and return it to me. You would be doing this poor soul a great service."

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