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Introduced:  The Calm Related Quests:  Suzuhara Baijin's Delivery
Suzuhara Sheshumi
Non-Player Killer
Suzuhara Sheshumi Live
Race Male Sho
Title Ailing Adventurer
Location 76.0N 49.1W in Beach Fort
Level 37
Strength 65
Endurance 75
Coordination 41
Quickness 87
Focus 120
Self 130
Health 48
Stamina 85
Mana 140


  • Route: See Beach Fort: Take the Lady Maila Estates portal in Mayoi at 90.8S 80.3E then run NW to 76.0N 49.1W.

Lore & Dialog[]

Suzuhara Sheshumi says, "Blessed sea breeze, work your magic."
Suzuhara Sheshumi says, "Ah, this cough is going to kill me."

Suzuhara Sheshumi tells you, "I came down with this nasty cough a few months ago when my brother and I explored one of those new Burun pits. I just cannot seem to shake it."
Suzuhara Sheshumi coughs loudly.
Suzuhara Sheshumi tells you, "Hello, friend. How do you like this ocean breeze? I feel it has quite a restorative property."
Phlegm rattles in Suzuhara Sheshumi's lungs as a nasty bout of coughing racks his weakened frame.