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Sword of Lost Hope
Sword of Lost Hope Icon.png

Sword of Lost Hope


As you apply the Radiant Mana Infusion to the Sword's blade, it corrupts the mana and the blade coruscates with dark power!

Notes on the pre-patch Now In This Hush version.

  • Can still be found ingame and can also still be created by using the blood on a pre-patch Release version of the Sword of Lost Light.
  • Cannot be further enhanced with any of the infusions.
  • The pre-patch version emits a red glow when used indoors.


Update History

Into the Darkness

  • Base damage increased from 10 - 20 to 28 - 56.
  • Attack modifier increased from +6% to +14%.
  • Defense modifier increased from +6% to +14%.
  • Spells updated.
    • Old spells: Endurance Other IV, Blood Drinker V, Swift Killer IV, Sword Mastery Other IV, Strength Other IV, Quickness Other IV
    • New spells: Defender VI, Moderate Sword Aptitude, Blood Drinker VI, Swift Killer III, Coordination Self VI, Sword Mastery Self VI, Strength Self VI, Heart Seeker VI, Armor Self VI,
  • Crushing Blow, Biting Strike properties added.
  • Sword: 150 activation requirement changed to Sword: 325 wield requirement.
  • Arcane Lore: 158 activation requirement removed.

Master of Arms

  • Weapon skill changed from Sword to Heavy Weapons.
  • Base damage decreased from 28 - 56 to 25 - 50 (?).