For the versions of the Sword of Lost Light that are currently available, see:

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For the Sword of Lost Hope, see that item's disambiguation page:

Update History

Asheron's Call Beta

  • Item introduced.


  • Item reintroduced with new stats and artwork. Beta version no longer obtainable.

To Raise a Banner of Flame

  • Fire infusions introduced, allowing for multiple versions of the sword with varying stats.

Into the Darkness

  • Old version of item retired (but not removed or updated).
  • New version of item introduced with new stats and artwork, including wield requirements for infused versions.

Master of Arms

  • Skill changed from Sword to Heavy Weapons (Sword).
  • Damage for all current versions increased. Retired versions remained unchanged.

Lessons from the Past

  • Item enchantment spells updated to auras.
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