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Introduced:  Discoveries
Tackle Master
Non-Player Killer
Tackle Master Live
Race Male Gharu'ndim
Title Pro Fisherman
Location See below
Level 24
Strength 180
Endurance 100
Coordination 260
Quickness 180
Focus 110
Self 110
Health 55
Stamina 210
Mana 115


Crafter Turn Ins[]

Accepted Items Rewards
Experience Pyreals Items
Golem Jo Icon Golem Jo
Fishing Pole Icon Fishing Pole
Wood Heart Icon Wood Heart
Fishing Pole Icon Fishing Pole

Lore & Dialog[]

Tackle Master tells you, "You need three things to be a good fisherman."
Tackle Master tells you, "First, you need a fishing pole. I can make one for you, but I'll need a Golem Jo or a Wood Golem Heart to assemble it. I remember my first fishing pole, it was just a stick with some string. I couldn't catch a cold with that thing."
Tackle Master tells you, "Second, you need a fishing license. I sell licenses for a C note, allowing you to fish for a whole day."
Tackle Master tells you, "And last, you need patience. Just enjoy the peace that fishing brings and talk to your fellow fisherman, but don't believe all their fish stories, heh."
Tackle Master tells you, "Here take this fishing guide. It has everything you need to know."
Tackle Master gives you Fishing Made Easy.

You give Tackle Master Wood Heart.
Tackle Master tells you, "You're giving your heart to me? Bwahaha, just joking, this should make a nice pole. I'll just carve it and assemble your fishing pole. Wait here a moment."
Tackle Master gives you Fishing Pole.
Tackle Master tells you, "There you go. The string part with the hook goes into the water and you hold onto the stick part. I can't tell you how many beginner fisherman just toss the whole thing into the water. Of course they always claim they lost it to some huge whale or something."

Tackle Master tells you, "Welcome back chum! Do you need a fishing license today? Just give me a C note and I'll get you all signed up and ready to fish."

You give Tackle Master Trade Note (10,000).
Tackle Master tells you, "So you want to go fishing, eh? Ok then, lets see here..."
Tackle Master tells you, "You know, I used to fish back in Ispar. One time I had this giant fish on the line and it was a real fighter. Had to lash... oh, right, sorry, you're all set. Remember the license is only good for a day, so catch a big one before then!"
Tackle Master tells you, "Oh, I also supply the local grocers with fresh fish, so I'll buy your catch from you if you like. I pay a lot more than most grocers will, because I know the fish are fresh. Good luck and remember to throw the small ones back."