Introduced:  Betrayal Related Quests:  Thorsten Cragstone's Armor & Axe Updated:  A Rising Darkness
Tai Wo
Non-Player Killer
Tai Wo Live
Race Male Sho
Title Historian
Location 61.8S, 82.4E in Mayoi
Level 15
Strength 85
Endurance 75
Coordination 50
Quickness 100
Focus 160
Self 180
Health 38
Stamina 75
Mana 180


Lore & Dialog

Tai Wo tells you, "Have you been sent by Brontynn Marshad or by Glysander Cartoth in Cragstone? No, I see you have not. Go see Glysander Cartoth in Cragstone and he will tell you what he needs done."

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