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Tailoring Teaser

To celebrate the upcoming wedding, the nobles of Dereth have sponsored artisans to help the citizens look their best. Tailors have appeared in many of the major cities, including Holtburg, Sanamar, Yaraq and Shoushi. These tailors create tailoring kits to enable citizens to customize the look of their armor if the character has an initial armor piece to work from.

Each tailor sells tailoring kits. These kits enable your character to take the appearance off an item that looks good and add that appearance to another item equipped in the same place(s) with more favorable adventuring qualities. The initial piece is always the piece that looks good. Using the tailoring kit upon that piece destroys it, but the look of the item is retained within the kit. The tailoring kit is then applied to your tried and true adventuring armor piece to change its appearance.

If you use the kit properly, the end result is that your trusty armor that once had an old, tired looking appearance will now have the new attractive look of the piece you liked! You can put together a unique style and leverage the varied colors and styles of Dereth without fear of having your skull crushed because a piece you like does not have the armor protection you might require as you adventure throughout the lands.
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