I love the idea of keeping the "first completed" lists with major quests, we should keep that up when available, it's a cool piece of info that often gets lost in time. --Sanguis 11:05, 22 February 2008 (CST)

First Fellowships to Defeat Aerbax

Frostfell: Tectonic Rifts, Absolution, Ferahgo the Assasin, Ciara ni Fyst, Hobo al-Bargq, Dorian Grey, Rhesus, Greysen, and Blind's Soul
Harvestgain: Padain, Linkmage, Paul Mua'dib, Fri, Bavoot, B-I-Gs pusher, Angeni, Trade Mule, I S H A M A E L
Leafcull: Sandrick, Natalia Brynmad, D'nia, Orionzauberson, Missprizzy, Arvath, Xcasper, Peerless, Grig es'Hobo
Morningthaw: Immortalbob, Sig-the-Feared, Machine, Life's Revenge, Dread Lord Boba Fett, Hungtolo, Krunk, Chia, Mao Tse Tung
Solclaim: Taomagicdragon, Gaffman, Sergeant Stab, Ronbo, Scourgeman, Killa UA, Mr. Smash, U Want Summa Me, Steve Perry
Thistledown: N B K's Mage, Blackmancer, Bright Blade, Balaraform, Mizz Trexx, The Elite Ua, Jurist, Gainna, Chavez Ding
Verdantine: (Progress Unknown)
Wintersebb: Whitemagic, Madd Maxx, Calita, Alia Atreides, Endy Al-Unsane III, Cactus Kid, Nev, Death to Devil, Lockdog
Darktide: Silent Drainer, Sin's Dagger, Lyncher, Tenku, Kgb Agent, Born of Hatred, William Wallace', and I Love Lamp

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