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I updated the notes. 1) The prior version listed a very old dynamic where double strike was 250 skill and triple was 350 skill. This was changed a long time ago to 250 base and 325 base. 2) The bug introduced in Old Ghosts has been fixed, so I changed the text to reflect the current dynamic on tinkering and hilting. --Elije 13:57, October 12, 2009 (UTC)

Historical notes on Bandit Hilts

Weapon Notes

  • For double-strike, your base skill needs to be 250+. For daggers, if your base skill is 325+, you will have triple-strike ability. Swords cannot do triple-strike.
  • To multi-strike with a weapon, set your power near maximum when fighting.
  • Older Tier 6 and below Bandit weapons are Attuned and Bonded once the hilt has been attached.
  • Newer Tier 7 Bandit weapons are NOT Attuned or Bonded after the hilt is attached.
  • All non-elemental Bandit Weapons do piercing damage when used with a shield. Without the shield all non-elemental Bandit Weapons do slashing damage except the Rapier sword which always does piercing damage.
  • Elemental Bandit Weapons always do elemental damage with or without shields.
  • Hilted weapons with a wield requirement of 370+ may now be tinkered either before or after hilting. Note that failing a tinker or imbue on a hilted dagger still destroys it and the hilt as well, so imbuing and tinkering before hilting is recommended. PLEASE NOTE: A weapon with a wield requirement of less than 370 cannot be hilted if it has already been tinkered!
  • You can readily identify a high-level weapon that can be hilted because it will be Ivoryable.
  • The Lucky White Rabbit's Foot and Gem of Spectral Force CANNOT be applied to hiltable weapons before or after they are hilted.

Experience Reward

This quest had an experience reward of 3,000,000 as shown in the contributions by me (User:An Adventurer) on December 24, 2016‎.

Prior to that, this quest was listed as having a reward of 4,500,000. This reward was added in Master of Arms, when the hilt was retired. The contribution that added that information here comes from August 21, 2012‎ by User:Arkalor. However, this seems to be a copy of information from The first contribution over there that added the 4.5 mil reward was from 11 March 2012‎ by User:Kid.

According to the News Archive - 2012 The period of Friday, March 9th to Tuesday, March 13th was a bonus exp/lum weekend, where all rewards were multiplied by 1.5.

So, when the exp reward was added in Master of Arms, it was always 3 mil. It just happened to first be recorded during a bonus exp weekend.

I will be updating the guide to reflect this information.

--An Adventurer (talk) 14:13, 28 November 2021 (UTC)