This information is based on the spell table in the client_portal.dat file. There are a bunch of changes to spells this patch.

Many of the descriptions of the following spells have changed:

Spell difficulties have been changed to fix spell stacking bugs:

New spells:

These all add 15 to the skill. They have the same names as spells that add +2:

Some bugs:

  • Greater Cascade for Crossbow is in same spell group as Bow majors, etc.
  • Hunter's Acumen spells (Coordination)
  • Still Water spells (Endurance)
  • Torrent spells (Quickness)
  • Strength of Earth (Strength)
  • All the new Boon spells have difficulty of 2. This means they'll be overriden by the +2 versions of the same name (when cast later), and by other spells with greater difficulty. This shouldn't be a problem if the other spells are cast by armor that can't be wielded at the same time.

--Widgeon 02:31, 12 March 2009 (CDT)

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