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Tamsah ibn Jaidah
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Captain ("Faris") of the guard of Malika Ladriya bint Daum of Gharu'n during the Century of Storms, first wielder of the Silifi of Crimson Stars.[1]

After some 15 years of chaos in Gharu'n, Ladriya bint Daum, a scholar and healer in Tirethas, decides to leave Tirethas and return to her home in Taban. Halfway through her journey, Ladriya's caravan is attacked at night by band of nomads sent by the renegade Shayk Ridqidh. Ladriya is wounded badly but is saved by Tamsah ibn Jaidah. After riding for six days, Tamsah and Ladriya reach the oasis of Shiryaz. In her fever dreams while riding, Ladriya receives a vision in which she sees herself sitting on the Malik throne, keeping chaos at bay. They stay in the oasis for almost two months while Ladriya recovers. Tamsah and Ladriya return to the court of Taban at Nishadina. Ladriya orders the forging of the Silifi of Crimson Stars, to be wielded by Tamsah. Ladriya feels it to be her duty to become Malika to restore order and peace in the Gharu'n lands, and does so with help of Tamsah and the Silifi of Crimson stars.[1]

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