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Introduced:  Bridging the Vast Divide Related Quests:  Tanada Hunting Parties
Tanada Clan Master's Medallion
Tanada Clan Master's Medallion Icon
  • Value: 0
  • Burden: 200
  • Properties: Attuned, Bonded
  • You've heard rumors of those who will reward you for medallions such as these in Shoushi and Yanshi.
  • This item cannot be sold.
  • This jade medallion was taken from a master from the Tanada House of Air. The jade is flawless, except for a crack on one tip that has a black discoloration around it.


  • Dropped by Tanada Masters which spawn in groups of Tanada in Southern and Northern Osteth.
  • Good places for finding these acolytes are around Kara in the South and around the portal to Bur in the North.
  • There is no difference between northern and southern acolytes.
  • Stack Size: 100
  • Turn into Ookami Kiri in Yanshi or Sayuji Jina in Shoushi for xp (1.3 mill max) and after you turn in 25 medallions you receive the title "Initiate of the Blade".

Sayuji, first turn in

You give Sayuji Jina Tanada Clan Master's Medallion.

Sayuji Jina tells you, "A medallion from one of the elusive Tanada Clan? This may aid in my research into their appearance in Dereth. I will gladly reward you for any of these that you come across. Here, allow me to reward you for this one."

You've earned 1,386,393 experience.
Sayuju, repeat turn ins

You give Sayuji Jina Tanada Clan Master's Medallion.

Sayuji Jina tells you, "Thank you for this. I should be able to add this to my research into the Tanada Clan, and hopefully come up with a method to free the Tanada from their corruption. Here, allow me to reward you once again."

You've earned 1,386,393 experience.

Sayuji Jina tells you, "If you find any more of these, please bring them to either Ookami Kiri, or myself. Your assistance in this is greatly appreciated."
Ookami, first turn in
Dialog needed
Ookami, repeat turn ins

You give Ookami Kiri Tanada Clan Master's Medallion.

Ookami Kiri tells you, "Another corrupted Jade Medallion? Hmmm... This does not bode well. It would seem that the corruption within the Tanada Clan is deeply rooted. I will send this along to my Mistress. Please, allow me to reward you for your continued aid in this matter."

You've earned 1,386,393 experience.

Ookami Kiri tells you, "If you come across any more of these, please bring them to either Sayuji Jina or myself. We will reward you for any that you collect for us."

  • You will only receive the title reward after completing either the first or the first and second Tanada series of quests. At this point it is uncertain if just the first quest or both are needed, but it can be assumed that no further quests in the series are needed, as they were introduced after the hunting parties.