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Tanada Slaughter
Level: 200
Type: Small Fellowship
Starts With: Kousha
Starts At: Hoshino Town #3 at 78.4N, 40.5W
Route: Stonehold to Desolation Beach portal at 69.7N, 20.2W.
Repeat: 20 Hours
Contracts: Contract for Tanada Slaughter
Quest Chain: 1. Ninja Academy
2. Tanada Intercept
3. Tanada Slaughter
4. Nanjou Stockade


Assault the Tanada Toresen Temple.

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Speak to Kousha in Hoshino Town #3 (second floor of a house) at 78.4N, 40.5W. Note the house is not safe, and creatures spawn on both floors.
  2. Go to the Tanada Toresen Temple at 42.5S, 72.3E.
  3. Find and kill 6 Tanada Neophytes and loot the Tanada Neophyte Masks.
    • Note: The temple is quite large in size and there are lots of rooms with many Tanada.
  4. Optional: After completing the kill task and mask collection, you can choose to turn in the masks to the Tanada Kuteki at the dungeon drop for an extra Legendary Key. However, this does not flag you to complete the next quest in the series, Nanjou Stockade, if it's your first time doing the quest.
  5. Return to Kousha for your rewards.


  • The Tanada Nanjou Gunjinn and Tanada Nanjou Tureinaa guarding the Tanada Neophytes hit extremely hard. It is advisable you fight in the narrow hallways, using some members of the fellow as a wall while the rest kill then switching roles. You may also want to assign a dedicated healer.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Tanada Toresen Temple 42.5S, 72.3E -- --


Experience: 600,000,0000 (??% up to level ??)
Luminance: 30,000


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Opening Dialog

Kousha tells you, "Darviss advised me of your potential. We will put this to the test."

Kousha tells you, "The Tanada clan continues to recruit and train new blood, ensuring a strong and prosperous future. This we cannot allow."

Kousha tells you, "Kill the seed before it sprouts and the field will never grow."

Kousha tells you, "Surely she will see this as an act of a mighty and loyal warrior."

Kousha tells you, "Far to the southwest around 42.5S, 72.3E is a temple where the Tanada train their new recruits."

Kousha tells you, "Enter this temple, slay 6 of these upstarts and collect the masks from each of the 6 slaughtered. We have something in mind for these aspiring Tanada, something glorious!"

Kousha begins to laugh.

Kousha tells you, "We have recently learned the Tanada are stepping up their training. Our spies spotted a Tanada Kuteki inside of the Temple, one of the wisest and most skilled among their clan. This can only mean they are ramping up for something. We must remain vigilant!"
Tanada Kuteki

Tanada Kuteki tells you, "I know why you are here. I know who sent you."

Tanada Kuteki tells you, "I have no intention of stopping you or alerting the warriors within these walls to your presence."

Tanada Kuteki tells you, "Although I will not allow the souls of the young to be manipulated to their side."

Tanada Kuteki tells you, "I offer you a choice."

Tanada Kuteki tells you, "Complete your task as you were instructed, this will benefit everyone involved. But, return the masks to myself when you are finished."

Tanada Kuteki tells you, "I will reward you handsomely, far more than your current employer could hope to."

Tanada Kuteki tells you, "The decision is yours to make. I suggest you consider my offer, it is beyond fair."
Rewards Dialog

Kousha tells you, "Have you slaughtered their recruits? Give me the masks I requested if so. We must send a message that joining the Tanada will only ensure defeat."

You allow Kousha to examine your Tanada Neophyte's Mask.

You hand over all of your Tanada Neophyte's Masks.

You've earned 300,000,000 experience.

You've earned 15,000 Luminance.

Kousha gives you 9 Trade Notes (250,000).

Kousha tells you, "Excellent work. Once again Darviss displays his skill at finding worthy beings!"

Kousha's bony fingers take the bloody masks from your hand and he begins to chant unfamiliar words.

A bone-chilling breeze sweeps through the room and 6 Spectral Nanjou Shou-jen suddenly appear!

Kousha tells you, "The Tanada are weaker now. We are closer to our goal of eliminating them from our midst."

Kousha tells you, "She will be pleased with your work; you have done well. We have no further need for your services at this time."

Kousha tells you, "Seek out Shorikan at once. We are on the brink, we must see this through to the end."

Kousha says, "You Nanjou belong to her now. You will serve her will. You will obey. Begone from my sight!"

Update History

Lessons from the Past

  • Quest introduced.

Balance of Power

The Quest for Freedom

  • Luminance reward increased from 9,000 to 15,000.
  • XP reward increased from 250,000,000 to 300,000,000.
  • Repeat timer changed from ?? days to 20 hours.
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